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    Tips To Start A Fashion Blog

    Tips To Start A Fashion Blog

    Starting a blog on something you’re passionate about is always a good move.

    The fashion industry is a global phenomenon and you’re likely to find an audience who likes your content very easily.

    According to Statista, 22% of bloggers publish new posts weekly, with 23% doing so several times a month, sporadically. Writing a post and publishing it involves a lot of prior research and investigation of the chosen topic. So, whether you opt for a daily, weekly, or monthly publishing schedule, how do you get started on writing a fashion blog in the first place?

    Pick Your Blogging Platform

    First thing first, you’ll need to create your blog platform. There are different ways to go about it depending on your budget, resources, and long-term plans for your blog. For example, you can find custom research papers for sale and have a quality article or case study written about fashion by a professional writer.

    This is a good way to start your blog with a bang and publish great content from day one. Various hosting platforms and CMS solutions make it easy for bloggers to create their websites and start blogging immediately. Best of all, they’re free to start with, and you can scale things up from there. Some of the options at your disposal include:

    • Medium
    • Tumblr
    • Wix

    Explore Different Content Types

    The fashion industry is the perfect industry for making a plethora of different content types on your blog. You don’t have to box yourself into writing blog posts while ignoring other content types in fashion or lifestyle.

    By mixing up your content strategy a bit, you’ll offer a variety of different content formats for people to enjoy. This will also make it easier for you to express yourself in different ways and not get bored by solely writing blog posts moving forward. Some of the content types to consider using are:

    • Articles
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Audio (podcasts)
    • Animation (GIFs)

    Choose the Right Tools

    Once you have the rough outline of your blog set up, you should think about which tools you’ll use to write new content. Relying solely on traditional text editors or writing content directly on your website before publishing it isn’t a good idea.

    This is because tools like Microsoft Word don’t rely on online text formatting standards and can lead you to write content that is more suited for print or academic writing. You want your content to be spellchecked and free of grammar or stylistic errors beforehand. You can also pay for essay of a professional writer online if you want to get your articles and writing done as best as possible, for example. Some of the tools you can use effect include:

    • Grammarly
    • Hemingway Editor
    • Evernote
    • Google Workspace

    Organize a Content Calendar

    As you start creating content for your fashion blog, you’ll want to organize it into a content calendar. This will enable you to publish new content throughout the month and keep your audiences invested in your blog. It’ll also make it easier for you to collaborate with other writers or content creators by sharing your calendar with them.

    Don’t publish content ad hoc and without a plan – it’ll ruin your momentum and hurt your site’s performance. Likewise, you’ll lose track of what you’ve already worked on and what still needs doing, leading to you wasting precious time and resources. Some of the best tools to use for a content calendar include:

    • Google Calendar
    • CoSchedule
    • Asana

    Starting a Fashion Blog

    The most important takeaway you should keep in mind about starting to write a fashion blog is to take it easy. Fashion is a lifestyle choice, and you need to be laid back and comfortable writing about its many aspects.

    Look for interesting niches and directions your blog could go into before you commit to any content type. Your fashion blog is your playground, so let people know that you’re having fun with your writing by thinking outside the box with it.

    About The Author: Charlie Martin is a professional copywriter and long-form content writer. He is passionate about the art of writing and loves expressing his thoughts and findings through essays, case studies, research papers, and articles. Charlie spends his free time learning more about digital marketing and honing his craft for the benefit of his clients.

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