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    3 Invaluable Tips For First-Time Entrepreneurs

    3 Invaluable Tips For First-Time Entrepreneurs

    The road to entrepreneurship is not as glamorous as what is portrayed on social media.

    The formula for success involves a ton of grit and conviction. Growing a company involves many challenges and obstacles that often deter people from even starting. Nicole Witt is one of many entrepreneurs that had the fire in her bones to start her own business and if you’re looking to start a company, she agrees that you are in for a wild ride, but not an impossible one.

    Nicole, who turned her struggle with infertility into a fulfilling career and eventual business, has 3 tips for first-time entrepreneurs:

    1. Don’t Wait for “Perfect”: It’s wishful thinking to wait for the stars to align to start moving toward your business goals. You may feel a case of overthinking, but when you’re building a business, speed of iteration will be your best friend to success. Start somewhere. No decision is perfect, and few decisions will result in the death of your company. It’s a matter of making small actionable steps daily to reach your goals. Perfection is the enemy of progress.
    2. Reflection Is Vital: Everyone will have a different path to subduing various levels of anxiety caused by day-to-day business tasks. For Nicole, it’s to reflect. It’s easy to block bad calls, days, etc. That said, confronting the good and bad through reflection gives you the privilege of growing and maturing.
    3. Create Goals Outside of Your Business: You will undoubtedly be tested and pushed outside of your limits and challenged to push through many mental barriers. Another helpful way to grow is to create accomplishments outside of work.

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