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    5 Safety Tips For Grilling

    5 Safety Tips For Grilling

    Summertime brings with it good weather that’s ideal for firing up the grill. However, this nice activity with friends and family can also lead to injury if the safety precautions are not taken seriously.

    Outdoor grilling causes several grill-based outdoor home fires annually, mostly caused by gas grills. One of the first things you need to do before you go out and buy a grill is to make sure you know how to use it safely.

    You may be very familiar with a grill, but if you don’t know how to use it, you may end up burning something or causing an accident. You need to take the time to learn how to grill safely for your family, which includes knowing what products are safe to use, how to control your heat, and what products to avoid when using a grill.

    In addition, you need to know what types of food you should be serving and where you should serve them. Finally, you need to know what’s safe to cook on a grill and what’s not.

    In this article, we will discuss some top tips to grill safely for your family.

    Grill Outside  

    While setting up your grill, make sure to do it outside. Never grill indoors. Since most of the grill fires that occur happen in the courtyard or patio, it’s essential to note that the grill should be placed at least 10 feet from your home or cottage. Also, make sure there are no overhanging tree branches where you set up the grill.

    If you have children around, make sure there’s a 3-feet kid-free zone near the fire. Also, keep flammable objects like matches, gasoline, or lighter out of reach from children. Finally, don’t leave the grill unattended at any time. It only takes seconds for sparks to fly from the grill and ignite something. Don’t avert your attention too much if you’re the official griller of the party.

    Setting Up The Grill 

    When you set up a grill, begin by placing it in a safe location. Next, choose your charcoal. You may use charcoal briquettes for medium heat that stays for a long time, while hardwood charcoal can be used to add a smoky flavor to whatever you’re cooking. The safest way to light a charcoal grill is with a chimney. Now place the grate over the charcoal to preheat. Finally, use tongs and oiled paper towels to oil the grill. Once the oil starts smoking, you may begin grilling.

    Make sure the grill is set up on a stable surface so it doesn’t tip over. If you’re setting up on the patio, use a grill pad underneath the grill to protect your patio floor.

    Keep Your Grill Clean 

    To ensure that your grill works well, make sure to keep it clean. For this, use a good quality grill brush. Here are some best grill brush reviews we found on Foodshark Magazine to help you decide. To clean your grill, remove the fat buildup from the grill and the tray below it. As a safety practice, make sure to dispose of the charcoal in a metal container only after it has been cooled off completely.

    Use The Charcoal Starter Fluid Carefully  

    If you’re using a charcoal grill, only use the charcoal starter fluid. It’s recommended not to add another type of flammable liquid if the fire starts to go out. You may also use the charcoal chimney starter that uses newspaper to create or keep the fire going instead of charcoal fluid. It might be a safer option for your outdoor setup.

    Check For Leaks In Your Gas Grill  

    Before you start using your grill for the barbeque season, check the grill hoses for cracks and leaks. You can do this by putting them in a soapy water solution and turning on the gas. If there’s a gas leak, the solution will produce bubbles.

    If you’re getting your gas tank filled, make sure you transport it in an upright position. The smell of gas near the barbeque station is another sign of a gas leak.


    While grilling outdoor may be a fun way to spend time with friends and family, it’s vital to keep these safety tips in mind to avoid any mishaps. While firing up your grill, make sure to wear light cotton clothes and don’t let your apron strings dangle over the fire.

    Make sure to keep some baking soda at hand to control a grease fire. It would also be better to keep a fire extinguisher handy nearby.

    With these safety tips in mind, you’ll be all set to throw a perfect barbeque party.  

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