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    Learn Modern and Practical Nutrition Knowledge

    Learn Modern and Practical Nutrition Knowledge

    Mia Russo Stern is the CEO of Brooklyn Culinary Arts, an online cooking school where anyone can become a certified chef from their own home.

    Brooklyn Culinary Arts specializes in healthy, supportive, gluten-free, plant-centric foods and focuses on improving and changing wellness through food, superfoods, and amazing recipes. What do you do if you want that slice of cheesy pepperoni pizza but are trying to make healthy choices? What if you have dietary restrictions but crave the occasional cheeseburger? Mia’s solution?

    After a tremendous scare and being diagnosed with breast cancer at 41 years old, Mia set out to learn everything she could about nutrition, self-love, healing, and natural medicine.

    In doing so, Mia discovered that she could spread her knowledge of health and wellness to others and that they don’t need to have a life-threatening disease to experience substantial fundamental changes to their personal health.  Mia has been running Organically Thin for 4 years but knew that she could do more and as a result, Brooklyn Culinary Academy was born.

    Having graduated from the prestigious Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, Mia is Raw Food Certified with David Wolfe and holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition with Dr. T. Colin Campbell through Cornell University.  She also has advanced knowledge in the field of detoxification and has studied detox with Natalia Rose. Mia Stern is Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

    With the launch of BCA, Mia will teach her recipes to the masses and spread her message of self-love and healthy eating. It has become her life’s work to seek out, search and learn all that she can about foods that have been studied for healing properties, longevity improvements, and cancer prevention.  With BCA, students will explore the healthiest known foods and combine them in mindful and delicious ways that profoundly nourish and serve.

    Mia started BCA to help wellness professionals with all that she has learned as a health coach and natural food chef with a successful online business. It is designed to help wellness professionals, health coaches, nutritionists, dietitans, medical doctors, nurses, homeopathic doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, holistic doctors, fitness trainers and the astute student who wants to learn for their own benefit.

    Upon graduation from the BCA you will become a Certified Culinary Wellness Professional, CWP.

    “Nothing is more thrilling than being able to share my greatest passions with others, and that is the importance of what we put in our bodies.”

    Mia Russo Stern continues, “There is a tremendous connection to the vibration that food has and to spirituality, mental state, and clarity of thought. If you eat vibrant living foods, you can live a full and magical life.”

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