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    Nutrition Spend is Up, And These States Are Spending The Most

    Nutrition Spend is Up, And These States Are Spending The Most

    According to leading cash-back platform Ibotta, nutrition-related purchases have soared in many states since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

    This includes products like vitamins, nutrition supplements, and dietary supplements. They used their data to compile a ranking of which states nationwide are spending the most on nutrition products, based on an increase in nutrition purchases in each state.

    The data here compares June-December of 2019 spending to spending in June-December of 2020.

    Here are the states purchasing the most nutrition-related products, and the entire nationwide rankings:

    1 – Kansas
    2 – Texas
    3 – Michigan
    4 – Wisconsin
    5 – New Mexico
    6 – Missouri
    7 – Illinois
    8 – Indiana
    9 – Oklahoma
    10 – Alabama
    11 – Louisiana
    12 – New Jersey
    13 – North Dakota
    14 – Ohio
    15 – North Carolina
    16 – Nevada
    17 – Pennsylvania
    18 – Wyoming
    19 – Nebraska
    20 – South Dakota

    Thankfully for those spending more money during Covid to try and stay healthy, Ibotta lets you save money on everyday purchases. Average users save about $20 a month using Ibotta, but many save $100+ per month using Ibotta.

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