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    Sloane Elizabeth Talks ‘Food Freedom’ and Spirituality

    Sloane Elizabeth Talks ‘Food Freedom’ and Spirituality

    Sloane Elizabeth is a Food Freedom Coach helping women eat from a place of love & intuition so they can stop restricting themselves and feel properly nourished, satisfied, and confident in their bodies.

    Unlike other food freedom coaches, she never tells you what or how to eat – instead, she uses a combination of nutritional science & powerful subconscious healing to empower you to follow your unique body’s signals and cravings so that you never feel the need to restrict again.

    Her book, Kale & Kravings: Nourishing Dorm Room Recipes & Wellness Practices for Students, catering to college students, is out now – containing dorm-friendly recipes and the best wellness practices for a healthy, productive, and happy student.

    Read more on Sloane’s insights about self-love, spirituality, entrepreneurship, and healing her clients as a Food Freedom Coach.

    Where are you from originally and where do you consider your home now?

    I am originally from Los Angeles, California. I currently live in Miami Beach, Florida… I would consider both to be home!

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, who inspires you the most?

    My clients inspire me the most! Every day that I get to work with and witness these women who have committed to deep healing and learning to embrace food freedom, I am humbled and in awe of their perseverance. I am constantly overwhelmed with gratitude for their trust in me, but more importantly, their trust in themselves!

    Their willingness to work through hard limiting beliefs and push their comfort zones inspires me to be the best coach possible and push through my own self-limiting beliefs too.

    What’s one piece of advice you can give to someone that’s inspired by your career path?

    Working for yourself is the most rewarding and the most challenging path – you will learn so much every single day…so get ready! I wouldn’t change a thing though, and I wake up grateful for the business that I’ve built every single day.

    Some days, I do feel the urge to quit and get a “comfy” 9-5 job. Those doubts usually only last for a few minutes though before one of my clients messages me to celebrate a food freedom win, and I’m reminded all over again of why I do what I do.

    At the end of the day, eating intuitively is not really about the food. It’s about your relationship with control, trust, safety, and self-worth.

    What is some advice you would give to someone that wants to use spirituality for intuitive eating?

    If you’re not incorporating spirituality into your food freedom and intuitive eating journey, then you’re missing out big time! Spirituality is not just about the “woo woo” activities or crystals and tarot cards. To me, tapping into your spirituality is where self-love begins.

    It’s about getting to know, understanding, and trusting your spirit and who you are on a soul level. When you commit to learning yourself on that deep of a level, you’re going to be able to communicate with your body, its hunger cues, its energy levels, and its preferences so much easier! This is also about embracing, respecting, and loving who you are on an energetic level, which is one of the deepest forms of self-love.

    At the end of the day, eating intuitively is not really about the food. It’s about your relationship with control, trust, safety, and self-worth. In order to release self-limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back from peacefully feeling under control, calm, safe, and worthy, we must look to your spirituality first.

    What made you want to incorporate spirituality with intuitive eating? 

    I realized that spirituality was the missing piece in the intuitive eating conversation. I was going through my own food freedom journey at the same time that I was discovering the power of my intuition and relationship with the Universe. When I saw all of these practitioners throwing around the word “intuition” without diving into what your intuition is or how it operates, I got angry!

    It’s a disservice to the power of our intuition and our highest selves to say that your intuition simply tells you what you’re craving… that’s about 3% of what it actually does! When I combined my spiritual healing with my food and body image healing, my life transformed dramatically, and my personal development success skyrocketed. I knew that this was the best way to heal, and I knew I had to share it with the world.

    Is there someone that inspires you when it comes to health and/or spirituality and why?

    Honestly, my greatest inspiration when it comes to health and spirituality in nature and the Universe. We can learn so much about peace, intuition, beauty, and harmony just by going outside and simply being. I am inspired by the fresh, abundant food I see at the farmers’ market. I am inspired by the moon cycle and its synchronization with the ocean. I am inspired by daily sunrises and sunsets. Those moments are when I’m most connected to my health and my spirituality. Nature is our greatest teacher!

    What are some current career goals you have and how do you plan to reach them? 

    I believe that I will always have at least 101 projects and ideas in my head at any given time! The overall vision though is expansion – helping as many women as possible feel at peace and confident with their food and in their bodies. For me, this means serving more clients through my 1:1 and self-paced programs, connecting with more women on social media, and writing more books!

    I also see physical products and in-person events/retreats in my future. When thinking about reaching new business goals, I use a combination of strategy and manifestation to help me get there. I trust that I am right on time, growth is inevitable, and everything will always fall into place in the most perfect divine timing! I also know that my business growth is proportional to my personal growth – that’s why I’m constantly investing in myself, my business, and my education.

    How do you handle comparisons between yourself and other food coaches?

    Comparison sneaks up on us whether we’re worried about our body image, our business, our relationships, our homes…it’s everywhere! I actually have a free resource on escaping the comparison trap when it comes to body image, and I use the same 5 step framework when I find myself comparing my business to someone else’s. First, I acknowledge that comparison has made an appearance in my mind!

    Then, I ask myself what I believe they have that I don’t. Next, I think about all of the ways that I already have those things in my own way. I also remember that their success is simply proof that I am capable of that too! Then, I energetically send love and genuine well wishes to that woman. Lastly, I send love to myself and remind myself that I’m crushing it and making a huge impact too!

    This journey is not just about food freedom… it’s about LIFE freedom!

    How has intuitive eating played a role in different areas of your life besides dieting (i.e has your sleep patterns improved, the mood changed, etc)? 

    The beauty of learning how to eat with love and intuition through my unique framework is that you can apply it to anything – moving with love and intuition, spending money with love and intuition, communicating with love and intuition, etc. Everything is just energy (food, money, humans), so everything is connected! My food freedom has empowered me to have more freedom in all areas of life. Releasing control of food helped me to release control of business outcomes.

    Learning to go with the flow and trust my body helped me to go with the flow and relax more while traveling. Communicating with my body and brain helped me to better communicate with my loved ones. It is all related! That’s why I always say that this journey is not just about food freedom… it’s about LIFE freedom!

    What is one thing that has exceeded your expectations as a food coach? 

    The amount of genuine love, joy, and pride I feel for my clients definitely exceeded my expectations. These women that I get to work with, live across the globe, and yet we all have similar experiences. We all have similar goals and desires. We all have a similar drive to experience incredible freedom, ease, and love with food and our bodies.

    The connection I have with every client and student is absolutely divinely guided and so much more magical than I could have ever imagined. I am so proud of each and every one of them and am extremely honored to be their guide in this lifetime!

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