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    Blackway Releases New EP: Heavyweight

    Blackway Releases New EP: Heavyweight

    Independent music publisher and record label Position Music released Heavyweight, the new EP from Ghana-born rapper Blackway, that dropped on Sept. 30th.

    Blackway’s new EP showcases the rapper’s unlimited potential while capitalizing on the momentum from Heavyweight’s lead single “It Feel Good To Me.”  With 1 million monthly Spotify listeners and 158M Spotify streams to date (many of which come via his Grammy-nominated hit song “What’s Up Danger” Ft. Black Caviar after it was prominently featured in Sony and Marvel’s animated film Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse.)

    Listen to Heavyweight here.


    Blackway’s new EP features a revamped, remastered version of the title track (Known as the NFL’s official song of the season) and a new cut “Badman” on the EP.  Heavyweight is Blackway at his best – full of swagger, humor, rapid delivery, witty wordplay lyricism, and confidence.

    “I’m mainly excited for fans to get that adrenaline rush that we felt making this record! I love making people feel unstoppable, I think this EP does that.” – Blackway

    “We were instantly fans of Blackway. The moment ‘What’s Up Danger’ dropped on ‘Into The Spiderverse,’ the world woke up to his lyrical talent and hook writing. Combining his on-the-mic prowess with Koko’s minimal yet punchy production felt like an exciting combination and so, when the two got in the studio we were already hoping for greatness. What they delivered in the ‘Heavyweight’ EP was even better,”

    said Robin Housman of Hive Music/Position Music.

    Position Music is an independent publisher, record label and management firm, redefining what it means to be a music company.  Established in 1999, today Position boasts a multinational presence, expanding Los Angeles headquarters and a continually growing staff.  Experts in music licensing and synchronization, the company is helping shape a new era in the industry.

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