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    Chisun Releases A Dreamy Synthpop Track ‘The Story I Tell…’

    Chisun Releases A Dreamy Synthpop Track ‘The Story I Tell…’

    ‘the story I tell…’ is a Synthpop track that would be perfect for a late night drive, it talks about the unspoken love tension between two close friends at a house party.

    They know at the back of their minds that they will never be together, but the feeling that happened that night is too special to just let go, therefore they decided to keep the feeling within this song.

    ‘the story I tell…’ is the 4th single from chisun’s first EP ‘wild and nightly’ which is scheduled to be released on the 26th of November 2021. The EP tells the stories using the theme of night time. Musically, this song has a lot of influence from 80s pop music with a few modern twists like trap drumming and modern synthesizer. It’s very danceable and easy to sing along. This song will make you feel like the music that features in a Netflix romcom movie.

    Born in a small rural town in Northern Thailand, chisun (aka Chirapat Suninhong) was raised in a Christian school and spent a lot of his childhood around the piano, choir singing, and gospel music. He was immersed into a multicultural society, which can be seen in his musical style as it feels very asian but also very westernized at the same time.

    chisun’s music has been described as ‘optimistic’ ‘dreamy’ and ‘musical-like’ despite it being electronic-based. He seeks to embrace the dreamer inner child in each adult. He aspires to create music that not only embraces people’s souls, but also takes them on a journey to explore ambiguities in feelings.

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    Chisun Releases A Dr…

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