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    Ellery Cohen Releases Single, ‘Read Your Mind’

    Ellery Cohen Releases Single, ‘Read Your Mind’

    Melbourne alt-pop singer-songwriter Ellery Cohen releases an emotionally charged single, “Read Your Mind”.

    Melbourne’s alt-pop singer-songwriter Ellery Cohen has been on the rise for the past year, working on his emotionally raw melodies and live performance.

    The kind of songwriter who touches on the emotional depths of love and family, Cohen writes with his heart very much open and on his sleeve.

    “It’s a breakup song… but written before the break up happened, and then finalized after.”

    His third single “Read Your Mind”, is written both before and after a breakup, pre-empting the emotions of heartbreak that were soon followed by the event itself. The track follows the theme of his first single “Us”, penned about the memories of a previous love and the pain of watching that person move on.

    Cohen’s second single “One To Blame”, is another from the depths of his empathetic heart and touches on the pain of watching his niece live a life without her father.

    “Read Your Mind is about loving someone, but knowing something is wrong and wishing you could read their mind to fix it,” explains Cohen of a topic we can all relate to.

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