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    Important Resources To Look At When Learning More About Music

    Important Resources To Look At When Learning More About Music

    Learning music is one of the best things you can do for your mental health, and your future self will definitely thank you for it.

    Not only does it give you something to practice and devote yourself to, but learning music is also known to have significant health and cognitive benefits.

    The problem with learning music, though, is it can get frustrating at times, which is why you need to make sure you’re doing it right so you can see progress. This starts with using the right resources.

    These are some important resources to look at when learning music.


    We all have to start somewhere when it comes to learning music, and LightNote is a great place to start. This website is one of the best online resources that could help you learn the basics of music theory and give you a proper introduction to the world of music. The great thing about LightNote’s approach is how it doesn’t just offer reading material. You will find detailed guides and tutorials on harmony, scales, chords, keys, and even sound waves! The presentation is also quite clever, where the website presents the lessons in the form of questions that will definitely cross any beginner’s mind. 

    The questions are accompanied by demonstrations to help you understand the topic. So, if you’re talking about harmony, you will be played a couple of different music pieces and then asked which one sounds dissonant and which is harmonic. Then, the answer will be provided as to why each is what it is, and you will then get a test to show you’ve understood it. 

    AB Guide to Music Theory Part 1

    This is one of the more popular sources for learning music and it is an ideal source for beginners looking to get into the music world. It covers grades 1 to 5, and it includes everything you need to learn on those levels. However, according to, despite its extensive look into harmony and music structure, this book might be a bit challenging if you take it on without the help of a teacher, probably because it was published a little over thirty years ago. Still, AB Guide to Music Theory Part 1 by Eric Taylor is a great resource for aspiring musicians and can help you get off on the right foot. 


    Ableton’s interactive course takes a great approach to teach music basics for beginners. This free course was designed with the intention of covering a beginner’s every need and answering their questions. Ableton’s course teaches you the difference between the different instruments and how each of them works, melodies, scales, notes, and also the basics of beats. What separates this one from other courses is the fact that it is an interactive course, so you will be applying what you’ve learned. After you finish the course, you can move on to bigger things like triads and major/minor scales. One final thing that distinguishes this course is how easy it is to understand the content and you will also be able to apply what you’ve learned quite fast.

    This expansive resource provides tutorials on how to read music, an explanation of musical forms, and much more. The topics are divided into small parts that you can easily consume and understand, with clear sections that can help you jump to any part you need without having to go through pages of content to get to what you want. More importantly, offers extensive exercises to help users train their ears and work on their pitch to recognize keys, intervals, and rhythms. 

    Michael New’s YouTube Channel

    This YouTube channel by musician Michael New utilizes a very innovative approach that makes it a great resource for aspiring musicians. He uses a whiteboard to explain the lessons as well as a MIDI keyboard that illustrates the keys beautifully.

    He basically plays the keyboard and explains the lesson on the whiteboard so that students could have all the materials they need right in front of them. The channel is extensive and works for someone who wants to learn about the basics of music theory as well as those who seek more advanced lessons like rhythm and harmony.

    These resources can definitely put you on the right track, but you need to dedicate your time and effort to see results. Learning music is fulfilling and rewarding on so many levels, but to see progress, you need to practice. Using these resources, you can practice with the knowledge and music theory you need to improve, thus ensuring you can make steady and fast progress.

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