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    Kandle: Honey Trap

    Kandle: Honey Trap

    Kandle opens up about the influences behind “Honey Trap.”

    “Rock and roll has always been a vehicle for heavy themes set to fierce, visceral beats,” Kandle states. “I wrote ‘Honey Trap’ in a euphoria of newfound freedom after having been trapped in a toxic and manipulative power struggle. One of the best ways I’ve found to get through hard situations is to let loose in music and this is the product.”

    She continues, “Manipulation exists in all spectrums of relationships and genders, nobody is safe from its subtle erosion and darkness. I learned of a spy tactic called Honey Trapping and realized it has probably always existed in some fashion. This is the theme I played with both lyrically and visually. When society conditions you to believe that your only assets are your body and your sexuality, the idea of using these as a tool to move forward when all other avenues are closed doesn’t seem so extreme. You start to believe it’s your choice, albeit a self-sacrificial one. Only when you start to break free, it becomes clear that you were never given a choice in the first place. We play their game until we make our own.”

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    Kandle: Honey Trap

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