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    If U Take Me Home Drops New Introspective R&B Single: Drag

    If U Take Me Home Drops New Introspective R&B Single: Drag

    West Hollywood-based self-taught producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter If U Take Me Home is the musical project of Jon Benward.

    Having experienced a variety of incarnations over the years, If U Take Me Home is now honing down his unique style and melodious sound with a new era of music.

    Constantly finding new ways to reflect himself and the ever-changing world through music, his influences span wide. Finding familial comfort in R&B, his inspirations include the likes of PARTYNEXTDOOR, The Weeknd and Majid Jordan. Mix in earlier pop-punk influences from Sum 41 and Blink 182, and you form the foundations of Benward’s exciting endeavors.

    His latest single “Drag” was written during a particularly transitional period of Benward’s life. He explains, “This song is about a particular relationship that turned nasty for me very quickly. The parallel I draw in this song is the fact that the Christian belief of blind obedience often comes with the promise of some reward after the fact. I think the main reason that most people stay in toxic situations is the idea that they will be rewarded with that situation becoming better over time.”

    Combining his truly euphoric musical direction with echoing melodies, bulging bass lines, and relentless rhythms, If U Take Me Home offers introspection like no other in his latest single.

    In his words, “My music is heavily inspired by the complex and heavy emotions that my songs tend to start from.”

    Offering listeners a true insight into authenticity, Benward has performed in every major U.S. city, as well as the prestigious Vans Warped Tour. Lyrical bliss combined with euphonois production, and rich musical heritage is set to see this single soar in success.

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