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    Grammy-Nom Otto Botté Unveils New Single: En Vela ft. Nic Hanson

    Grammy-Nom Otto Botté Unveils New Single: En Vela ft. Nic Hanson

    Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum mixing/mastering engineer and songwriter, Otto Botté returns with “En Vela” ft. Nic Hanson. The track marks a major return following singles

    “Majestic Chemistry” and “Rocola De Verano” ft. Rochee and 6x Grammy-winning trombonist Frank Cohen, and is the beginning of much more to come. The track is accompanied by a music video.

    Botté’s first solo single of the new decade is a fresh cut of must-hear music, and a strong indication of the diverse genres, uplifting vibes, and dance floor-filling sounds influencing his upcoming releases. “En Vela” is informed by euphoric elements of UK house, Latin pop, and Afro-Caribbean melodies. Led by laidback collaborative vocals, harmonized falsettos, and bouncing synths, listeners are immersed in a dynamic soundscape blending genres and emotional artistry akin to Disclosure and Jungle, while maintaining a unique sound all its own.

    On the track, Otto Botté shares: “You learn how to love when you practice letting go and open your arms to newness in life. I wrote this song with my dear friend Nic Hanson during a season of my life where someone I still love to this day had plans to move out of NYC. When she told me, I realized no matter how much I wanted to build a life together; I couldn’t interfere in her quest. Instead, I would help her pack her bags, take her to the airport, and continue to pray for her. If we are meant to be, life will find a way to connect our paths.”

    “En Vela” is a significant triumph for an artist at the forefront of many projects. In addition to his blossoming solo work, Otto Botté is 1/3 of the sample-based electronic group Pool Cosby, who just released their second album, Day Breaks. Botté also works with superstar musicians to help realize their success.

    His mastering work on the viral Robin Schulz remix of “Waves” landed him a Grammy nomination in 2015 for Best Remixed Recording – Non-Classical, while his studio work with Enrique Iglesias, Trey Songz, Fedez, Club Dogo and others, has secured the mastering engineer over 8 million in sales.

    Whether it’s his projects or behind the mix, Otto Botté brings a unique touch to his work that speaks to his strong sense of making irresistible music. Influenced by his Colombian roots and fast-paced NYC life, his sound is guided by the music-rich world around him and is perfect for an intimate moment or night out. With more singles and an EP on the way, he’s a new artist to watch.

    Stream “En Vela”

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