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    Khartoum’s Indie-Rock Anthem And Debut EP: Vultures

    Khartoum’s Indie-Rock Anthem And Debut EP: Vultures

    Following the release of the highly-praised single “New Cold War” in October last year, Khartoum returns with the new track “Vultures”, the title track from their forthcoming debut EP.

    With its strong and vibrant hook, stellar production, and an earworm of a chorus to boot, “Vultures” is Khartoum’s most enticing release to date, continuing to demonstrate a flair for bold and captivating indie-rock anthems evident from earlier releases.

    Speaking about the new track, frontman Oscar Dunbar states:

    “Written during the first Covid-19 Lockdown, Vultures contains all the angst and strangeness of that time. It is too easy to be whisked away by the ‘Vultures’ in your lives, but this song urges listeners to break out and dance away those demons. The song is an anthem for all those who have felt themselves negatively labeled.

    What levels us is our humanity and we felt being able to sit in a circle and discuss our fears and hopes was as good a way as any to present this. The video is about social equality succeeding despite discrimination diminishing hope, achievement & self-esteem.”

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