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    Little Boots Releases Highly Anticipated Femme-Focused “Burn” EP

    Little Boots Releases Highly Anticipated Femme-Focused “Burn” EP

    “Let me dance in the shadows of your love…”

    British artist, musician, and DJ Little Boots (aka Victoria Hesketh) releases her highly anticipated new EP, “BURN”. The new 4-track EP, a collaborative project boasting some of the finest female/femme talent in the production world, sees Little Boots shifting even closer to the dance-floor, claiming a darker, more atmospheric territory while retaining her signature pop sensibilities. The result is a non-stop dance party, an electrifying fusion of forward-thinking dance production layered over Victoria’s trademark melodies and introspective lyrics. The “Burn” EP is out worldwide now.

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    Little Boots Release…

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