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    Montreal Artist Una Rose Releases Single Ahead Of Debut EP: Resolutions

    Montreal Artist Una Rose Releases Single Ahead Of Debut EP: Resolutions

    The solo project of Una Rose (Rosie) Long Decter from Montreal shoegaze duo Bodywash, her EP, Myth Between, finds her trading walls of sound for delicate synths, crystalline vocals, and deft lyricism.

    Far from an exercise in apathy, the EP probes the ineffable—the way feelings circulate and stick, laughter builds and dies—seeking hope in passing impressions.

    Una Rose wrote the lead single, “Resolutions” after a visit from her dad. She finished the song in March 2020, as the world was shutting down and it was becoming clear to her that she wouldn’t see him for a long time.

    “At the end of 2019, just before New Year’s, my dad visited me in Montreal. We did what we usually do—talk politics, watch movies, drink beer. Dad stuff. I began writing ‘Resolutions’ after he left, thinking through our complicated relationship and what I get from our conversations,” says Una Rose.

    Her dad is a lifelong leftist, a grumpy intellectual, and a furious optimist. “Resolutions” is about her dad’s ability to believe that something else is always around the corner, and Rose’s encouragement in those rare moments when he loses that optimism. They have a dynamic built around phone calls back and forth, questioning the way things are and could be.

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    Montreal Artist Una …

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