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    ‘Algo-rhythm’ Names Drake As World’s Most Successful Music Star

    ‘Algo-rhythm’ Names Drake As World’s Most Successful Music Star

    A stock market trading platform has analyzed data on the world’s hottest music artists to calculate which are the biggest and most valuable in 2021 according to the numbers.

    The index, created by Stake, ranked some of the biggest artists from the past 20 years based on analysis metrics including streaming data, awards won, Billboard Hot 100 entries, brand deals, and social media presence to ascertain who is the most valuable artist this year.

    Stake was able to rank each musician and determine their theoretical “stock” price. Canadian musician Drake topped the list, with singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, and fellow Canadian Justin Bieber rounding out the top three.

    Announced as Spotify’s most-streamed artist of the decade in 2019, Drake topped the list and has solidified himself as one of the biggest artists in recording history. The Canadian rapper boasts the record for the most Billboard Hot 100 entries of all time with 228, as well as the record for the most top 10 singles in the history of the US charts, overtaking Madonna and The Beatles. With the imminent release of his sixth studio album “Certified Lover Boy” and the recent release of “Scary Hours 2”, Drake’s success and popularity may rise further.

    The top five most successful artists according to data are as follows:

    1. Drake
    2. Taylor Swift
    3. Justin Bieber
    4. Ariana Grande
    5. Eminem

    The full index can be found here.

    Despite being one of the world’s best-selling recording artists and winning 433 awards in her extensive career, Beyonce enters the index at number six, due to lower streaming numbers than her popstar peers. The R&B icon’s exclusive deal with her husband’s streaming platform Tidal may have impacted access to her music, with her most recent album Lemonade appearing on the world’s most used platform, Spotify, three years after it was released.

    Andrew Dengate, Head of UK marketing at Stake, said,

    “Increasingly the markets are visible in everyday life. Online deliveries, video conference calls and streaming binges have become daily staples, but when viewed through the eyes of the market they actually represent the huge potential and scope of the stock market.

    We wanted to apply this same logic to the music industry. The names on the list are obviously global stars but it’s digging into the data that we can really start to unpack their ‘value’ and where the opportunities might be.

    “So while investing in the world’s biggest music stars may not be on the cards just yet, investing in the world’s biggest stock market is.”

    Stake is a commission-free trading platform that gives investors access to over 4,000 US stocks and ETFS. It has no fees on trades and provides rich insight from Wall St pros so investors can fully seize the US market.

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