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    Soft Play Producer & Guest Vocalist Launch Mucky Pup Share New Single: Entry Is Free

    Soft Play Producer & Guest Vocalist Launch Mucky Pup Share New Single: Entry Is Free

    Following their radiant debut Mucky Pup returns with the infectious new single ‘Entry Is Free’.

    The project of acclaimed producer and multi-instrumentalist Erik Miles (producer and engineer for the likes of Soft Play, Baby Dave (Isaac Holmann), Kate Nash, Lady Bird and Hotwax) and vocalist Heidi Haswell (guest vocalist on a number of records including for Soft Play & Baby Dave), the pair bring together their joint talents to create a unique and accessible electronic sound comparable to Girls Of The Internet with a hint of Maribou State.

    Bringing together elements of Funk, House with Pop undertones through vibrant brass. Building a soundscape of synths, tight beats and funky basslines, the duo create an immersive soundscape beneath Heidi’s elegant, soulful, silky smooth lead vocals. Striking, glittering with creativity and packing catchy hooks, the single is another fine example of the duo’s abilities as both performers and songwriters.

    Speaking about the new single, the duo explain:

    “When making track we wanted to try and create something that felt like a dimensional experience to the listener. We wanted the audio to coincide with and mirror the premise for the song. We describe a mystical dream scape where its visitors are encapsulated by its wonder.

    From here we began playing with a variety of saxophone and synthesiser samples which we chopped and reversed trying to match the eerie vision we were painting within the songs context. With this concept in mind we created a track that is digestible and energetic, but with bubbling undertones woven throughout”

    Having already gained the attention of tastemaker press and radio, Mucky Pup have their sights set on big things. Intelligent, intricate pop tinted electronic music that offers danceability, a euphoric sense of joy and a creative depth, the duo’s new single ‘Entry Is Free’ is due for release May 24th.

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