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    Seattle Singer-Songwriter Brandon Koertge Unveils His New Single: Trillion

    Seattle Singer-Songwriter Brandon Koertge Unveils His New Single: Trillion

    Seattle-based singer-songwriter Brandon Koertge makes music to empower listeners.

    Stemming from a lifelong love of music and his chosen professional path of coaching for several Fortune 500 companies and world leaders, including Google, he melds his passions to deliver “Trillion.”

    On the song, Brandon reflects on the beauty of life and the odds we could all even be alive at this moment. The inspirational song juxtaposes these probabilities with the luck of also connecting with a soulmate as electropop synths burst with excitement. The release demonstrates another sonic step forward for the West Coast crooner and provides an upbeat glimpse into his thoughtful, emotive songwriting and production.

    “I wrote Trillion after having the realization of how important it is to celebrate life. I would see people celebrate touchdowns, home runs, and other victories in sports and watch them go crazy, jump around and lose their freaking minds. And the funniest part about it was, it was all vicarious. It had nothing to do with them! So I thought to myself “Why don’t we do the same for the biggest victory of all: Being alive? Being you? To me, trillion is a reality check. When the statistical odds of being alive are 400 trillion to 1, that’s like getting struck by lightning 800 million times. Yet, most people take their time here on earth for granted and/or are afraid to fully live it. Life is temporary and miraculous, yet most people wait until the end or for some catastrophic event to finally embrace it. The question you’ve got to ask yourself is: Why wait?”

    Emerging as an artist in 2019, Brandon Koertge unveiled two singles – his debut “Rise,” a track about overcoming adversity, and 2020’s “Be There,” a vulnerable freefall into love, trust, and featuring soaring guest vocals. With a motivation to deliver positive change and a focus on creating music with healing frequencies, the songs take listeners to new heights while soothing the soul and making you want to dance. With more music on the way and a life story only partially revealed, Brandon Koertge is a must-hear talent.

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