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New Abstract Style Has Art World Abuzz!

Emerging artist Steve Michaels has created a new abstract art form called Expanded Abstract Imagery, featured in his new coffee table book release, Light Abstractions. His coffee table book contains…

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Building Cultural Bridges: All the Women in My Family Sing

This book is an anthology documenting the experiences of 69 diverse women at the dawn of the 21st century. All The Women in My Family Sing is the ultimate gift for women as…

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Fortifying Autumn Juice: Prep Now for Winter Wellness

Autumn heralds a plentiful harvest and a slight turn inward. When in seasonal balance we may reflect in autumn on the excitement of summer and reap the gifts of self-reflection.…

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The Tukor’s Journey, An Adventure That’s Sure To Please Many Readers

When siblings Mitch, Tony, and Jovi are uprooted from their privileged life in New York because their wealthy grandfather is arrested for financial crimes, their exile to Minnesota seems like…

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