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    Veteran Stylist and Fashion Expert Laurie B Releases Book And Guide to Help Women Love Themselves NOW

    Veteran Stylist and Fashion Expert Laurie B Releases Book And Guide to Help Women Love Themselves NOW

    Did you know that nearly every woman (97%) has at least one negative thought a day about her body where she feels “disgusted” or “hates her body”?

    And 9 out of 10 women say the fashion industry makes them feel bad about their bodies and themselves. And during this pandemic, eating disorders have risen more than 70 percent. (source: National Association of Women – NOW)

    More women are also fighting back against body shaming and boy image stereotypes. Celebrities are calling out Internet trolls. Olympic athletes are protesting skimpy outfits. Even Victoria’s Secret is changing its marketing to be more inclusive of all body types.

    Stylist Laurie B. is one step ahead of them. The 20-year veteran of the fashion industry has been working for years behind the scenes to help women change the way they look at style, clothing, and fashion – and empower them to love who they are right now. It’s the focus of her new book “You are the Style: An Every Girl’s Guide to Getting Dressed, Building Confidence and Shining from the Inside Out.” launched August 3, 2021.

    With her book, Laurie is on a mission to make women feel fabulous through fashion – with ease. This is much deeper than putting together outfits. It’s about truly changing the way women feel about and view themselves and their bodies. It’s about women taking back their power and designing their own style stories.

    Here are some more stats from NOW:

    • 90% of women report disliking their body
    • 97% of women have at least one disgust or hate moment with their body each day
    • 99% of professional images are photoshopped
    • 75% of women edit their own images when sharing with others
    • 70-75% of women feel WORSE about themselves after viewing magazines or being on social media
    • 59-70% of 9-11-year-old girls dislike their bodies and seek to lose weight

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