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    11 Best Vape Apps For Android & iPhone 2020

    11 Best Vape Apps For Android & iPhone 2020

    The modern world makes its amendment to our everyday life.

    People change the routine to fit the new rhythm. Many tasks that were routine for our grandparents are useless now. For example, you do not have to go shopping; you can order the delivery from the supermarket.

    New technological advancements help to ease our lives. A housewife does not need to do the hoovering. She can turn the robotic vacuum cleaner while preparing the dinner.

    What is more, anyone can adjust the configurations of the smart house from his or her smartphone. For example, you need a unique app for a smartphone and 10 minutes to set the parameters, and the vacuum cleaner will clean the house, the multicooker will prepare your breakfast, and the refrigerator will order the food at the requested time.

    These new IT achievements makeover lives more comfortable and gives more time for hobbies and relaxation.

    Vaping is an excellent example because its popularity is growing daily. People all over the world buy new devices every day. Manufacturers produce thousands of devices daily: from the simplest e-cig to the best enail Most of the modern devices allow personal adjustment of the parameters. Also, there exist several apps that help to control and improve your vaping activities. A number of parameters can classify vaping apps.

    Some of the apps are aimed at controlling the amount of vaping in order either to give up or to consume abstemiously. Some are communities where vapers can share their personal experience or ask for a piece of advice. The other work as encyclopedias, where you can find some useful information about the particular vape pen, pod, or e nail model. However, the apps, mostly, combine these functions, which makes them both convenient and entertaining.

    Apps Suitable For both iPhone and Android Used to:

    Adjust the parameters:

    Ohm’s Law

    The app aimed at making your vaping life more comfortable. It is one of the best vape apps on the list of the most downloaded apps because of its intuitive design and user-friendly interface. However, not only the outer look is what attracts the user’s attention. Most vapers use this app, firstly, because of the simplicity of its functions.

    Having downloaded the app, you will find the possibility to calculate such parameters as the voltage, wattage, current, and power. You need to put just any two values, and the app will calculate the rest itself. You can also find the explanations of the process of vaping and the importance of the chosen parameters, which helps a lot for newbies.

    The Vape Tool

    The app is quite popular because it combines some functions, whereas the majority of other apps are just one-trick ponies. The only problem is that it works for Android, but the version for the iPhone is quite limited. In general, the app can be called a multitool. The functions of the app include a coil calculator, cloud, e-liquid calculator, and sweet spot finder.

    One of the most prominent functions of the app is the coil building tool. You can adjust your model to the desired results of vaping only by constructing a personalized coil. The app covers information about various wraps, different wire diameters, particular spacing, and so on. E-liquid calculator, in its turn, helps to experiment with the flavors.

    Share the experience:


    The app was created when YouTube, Facebook, and other social media have become rather unfriendly to vaping and similar activity. The format of the app is more like social media. The users call it Instagram for vapers. The app has captured the hearts of its users for two years of its existence. It has especially value among those who are into reviews.

    The user can upload both photos and videos directly into the app or by connecting it to his or her YouTube channel. A separate tab for vape reviews can be found over there. People share their own experiences with the latest and the weirdest novelties. If you need to find some information about an electric dab nail or wax rig, you are welcomed.

    In addition, you can use a number of tools peculiar to functional apps. These tools include vape diary, e liquid, and calculators (for volt, watts, resistance, etc.), and more. Therese, you cannot only share your own experience with friends and strangers but also get the necessary information that can help to improve and to variegate your vaping experience.

    Give up:


    The app that allows controlling your cravings and reducing your vaping/smoking time until you give up completely. It has a special counter for the time you do not smoke/vape and money that you have saved during this time. The app also has a system of rewards: once you fulfill the task, you receive a virtual badge.

    The app is based on a serious attitude; it also informs you about the stance of your health. For instance, you receive a notification when your pulse rate or oxygen level returns to normal. You might also get the information in graphs and analyze the map to identify the places where you vape the most.

    Escape the Vape

    The app has a creative design, and the subheading says “quit smoking the JUUL,” so we can suppose that it was aimed at adolescents. JUULing is an excellent problem in the US today. Teenagers share the experience at school, and some even convince parents that the habit is safe. The studies show that JUULing brings not only physical harm but also influences the mental development of a child as a personality.

    The users can see the number of days without vaping, the actual count of saved money, etc. The app provides the user not only with the standard counter of smoke-free days but also with trustworthy information based on scientific research. The user can fully realize the possible harmful outcomes of vaping not only for his or her respiratory system but also for the mental health and physical consequences of the habit.

    There also exist some vape apps developed for either iPhone or Android. You can find them in the corresponding store and compare them. You can find easily find a vape shop online as well. In fact, so many men, so many tastes. This list is based on the comments of the users and real vapers, who tend to make their life more straightforward with the help of modern technologies.

    To sum up, modern life makes it easy to control various things in our lives. Being able to deliver lectures to students from different countries simultaneously, to play chess with your kid being away on business, to control your vacuum cleaners and e nails demonstrate that human beings have made a great step in evolution during the last decades.

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