At Home And Connected: 15 States Obsessed With Smart Home Tech

    This year, we’re seeing a rise in the use of smart home tech.

    36% of adults use their smart speakers to listen to entertainment and information, but it was already in late 2019 that we saw a trend of people wondering if their voice assistant helped them feel less lonely. (The answer? A definite yes.)

    Since the U.S. is the largest consumer of smart home tech with a market volume of $23.5 billion, analysts at Smart Home Solutions had to ask:

    OK, Google, which state is most obsessed with smart home technology? The answer? Utah.

    Findings include the following:

    • Minnesota researched smart appliances the most of any state.
    • Utah hosts the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit and has more Google search volume around smart home technology than any other state.
    • Wyoming had little to no search volume related to smart home technology.

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      At Home And Connecte…

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