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    7 Odd Places To Put A Television

    7 Odd Places To Put A Television

    Everybody loves to watch TV, and those that say they don’t are liars.

    We watch television to be entertained, to learn, and to be informed. Frankly, where would we be without it?

    The majority of us will have a television in the lounge and possibly one in the bedroom, but why limit yourself to such locations when you have the whole of your home ready to be opened up to the outside world?

    Many people are getting much more creative when it comes to positioning their television so here we will take a look at some new ideas, and the odd strange location where you can put it.

    1. Behind Some Artwork

    For many of us, televisions can be unsightly and they can spoil the ambiance of a well-designed room that has cost thousands of pounds to create. They are just a black screen that gathers dust and traditionally people will position their television in a cabinet. However, traditional wooden cabinets are not in vogue and won’t add to your decor, so why not position your TV behind a piece of art? You could easily have one of your favorite prints or designs reproduced on a pull-down screen and then place the television behind it.

    This maintains the look of the room but also allows you to watch TV at will. Win-win!

    2. In the Bathroom

    Most of us start our day in the bathroom and may find ourselves spending half an hour or more putting on makeup or answering nature’s calls. So, why not kill two birds with one stone and put a TV in your bathroom so that you can start your day catching up on the news? This allows you more time over breakfast to discuss the day ahead with your loved ones, rather than staring at a large screen.

    3. On the Patio

    It is so frustrating when a big game is on television when it is 30 degrees outside and you want to take advantage of the great weather. You really want to watch the game, but the idea of sweating indoors doesn’t appeal. Well, if you had your television hung over your patio outside you could watch the game in the open air from the comfort of your sun loungers with a cold beer. When looking for tips and tricks, visit the website that professionals use and you can find all the different TV hanging techniques, especially for the outdoors. Sounds like a heavenly idea to me, so what are you waiting for?

    4. In a Fireplace

    Many of us have period feature fireplaces that are obsolete. After all, very few people have a wood fire burning these days, so the fireplace sits there looking a bit forlorn with the odd trinket or photo on the mantelpiece. Why not hide your TV within the fireplace? You could create some folding doors to hide it and then surprise your friends when you invite them round for drinks.

    5. On a Moveable Stand

    Maybe you only have one television in the house for practical or economic reasons, but if you place your TV on a moveable stand you won’t just be restricted to watching it in the same room. You could easily roll it between the living room and the kitchen, or if the weather permits even take it outside. Suddenly, what was once a stationary item can now be used for entertainment all over the home.

    6. In the Workshop

    My father would spend hours in his workshop pottering about, always using books for reference when he was unsure how to do something. Nowadays, he could make his life much easier by hanging a television and then using it to watch tutorials on the internet. This would allow him to be much more efficient when fixing that toaster or mending a broken chair.

    7. In the Laundry

    There is no worse chore than doing the laundry. We all know that it needs to be done, but if you have a large family, hours can be spent in front of a washing machine whilst doing the ironing. Why not make this time pass much more quickly by hanging a television so that you can watch your favorite series or catch up on the day’s events? Suddenly doing the laundry is much more appealing!

    With modern techniques we are not simply limited to hanging our televisions in the lounge, there are so many more options on offer to give you your daily fix of entertainment or news. Try putting it in areas where you do tasks you hate like the laundry or bathroom or liven up your patio with a screen for the big game. Your options are endless, so take advantage while the ideas are still fresh in your mind.

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