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    Amazing IOS Apps You May Not Have Heard Of Yet

    Amazing IOS Apps You May Not Have Heard Of Yet

    The significance of mobile phones in our daily life and activities is undeniably huge.

    They are no longer just for communication but became a powerful weapon that offers lots of incredible features and opportunities. It gives us an advantage to easily express oneself through communication and creativity, to access entertainment.

    Modern technology and access to the internet give us a whole new level of mobile experience and lead to the development of mobile applications.

    Nowadays, mobile application development offers you to do everything virtually. Every reason you can think of, including selling of goods and rendering of services. Katrina from TheHighTechSociety.Com said we owe it all to app developers and top app development companies.

    These mobile apps came to the rescue to enable an easy life for all of us. And with hundreds and thousands of apps on the market, it will be crazy to find the best ones. So we made a guide of some of the amazing apps you may not have heard of yet.


    In a fast-paced life, we are all having right now, sleep is the most treasured thing for some of us. There are lots of factors that affect our sleep and we always wonder why we didn’t get the full good sleep that we always wanted. That is why there are a variety of sleep analysis apps with a range of functionality to check if we are getting the quality of sleep we all want.

    Sleepbot is an app that tracks your sleep and has a Smart Alarm that utilizes motion and soundtracking software to provide an in-depth analysis of your sleep cycle—average sleep time, sleep debt, long term trends, etc and compiles detailed reports to help you get the rest you need.


    Getting travel applications is a handy companion tool for every traveler with smartphones. You can plan your travel itinerary, book flights, find hotels, and discover travel resources on the app itself. This is the reason why the demand for travel applications has increased and shot up. Skiplagger is one of the most talked-about apps in terms of traveling these days, it sifts through all of the possible combinations and looks for the cheapest flight possible for you. For Frequent travelers, using this can save you a lot of money. Next time you’re booking a flight, check out Skiplagged and compare your prices.


    Investing might be scary and confusing for some of us, but if they put it in an easy way through a mobile application, what is stopping us from trying? Getting an app that puts the magic and excitement of the stock exchange in your pocket is amazing and the Robinhood stock trading app is allowing users to invest in publicly traded companies and exchange-traded funds without paying a trading fee. It is free, very sleek, modern, and easy to understand, It also has functions that direct and secure to your bank account, keep track of your portfolio, and also sends push notifications to let you know how your portfolio is performing. Robinhood makes trading the good old-fashioned way with the new-fashioned benefit of being right in your pocket.

    Wolfram Alpha

    Asking Siri or even searching on Google is hard to do especially when you have to scour the whole internet for an answer. It is always tricky to search for some random fact or statistic, that is why Wolfram Alpha makes it easy to have the answer to any of your questions. The app provides thousands of domains and uses its complex algorithm to compute data, answer your questions, and even compile in-depth reports for you—all in split seconds. Wolfram Alpha works by using its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to automatically answer questions, do analysis, and generate reports.


    Imagine being in a situation where you want to watch something but the person you are with needs to sleep. You can only turn the television volume up just a bit before it becomes a bother to somebody else. This is why Tunity truly is a work of art, it allows your phone to act as a temporary television tuner for any tv. With just opening Tunity, pointing it at the television, it will use a scanned image to locate the program and then stream the audio directly to your phone. You have fun and let everyone have their peace at the exact same time.


    Rando is a fun app that will let you have an amazing time and an interesting way to connect with people from around the world. If you are tired of the old and existing dating apps, you should definitely try Rando. How it works is, you take a random picture of whatever you want and send it off. After a while, you’ll receive a random picture from a stranger from a random location around the world. Rando gets you to see new things from new people, all around the world! This app takes more patience, but it has the potential for more meaningful connections too. It’s a new refreshing take on dating and friendship apps.


    How do you make sure you don’t pee in the movie theater? The answer is, you can’t. It’s cold and you have all the drinks and snacks at your convenience. If you need a bathroom break and don’t want to miss any of the action you may want to install RunPee. It is an app that tells you the perfect time to run to the bathroom during your movie and gives you a synopsis of what you’ve missed when you get back. This way you’ll never miss an important scene again.

    Now that we live in a world where just one little thing in our pocket can give us everything with just one tap, why not utilize it to make your life fun and easy. This enables us to have the ultimate power on the palm of our hands. It is definitely a crazy and wonderful time where we are living where there is no shortage of mobile applications when speaking about a hassle-free experience. Now, it’s time to try these apps and change the quality of your life.

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