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    Even Introduces New H3 Headphones That Adapt To The Way You Hear

    Even Introduces New H3 Headphones That Adapt To The Way You Hear

    Even, a company founded by a veteran group of sound designers, acoustic engineers, mastering technicians and audiologists, is offering revolutionary headphones that adapt to the way you hear.

    This is the latest update to Even‘s overall “Don’t get Beat by Beat’s” campaign.

    The company is taking on mainstream brands like Apple, Beats, and Bose.

    Going from the assessment that these brands have failed to recognize that everyone hears differently, Even decided to reinvent personal audio with breakthrough technology and products that tune the sound to each listener’s unique hearing, with their patented Even EarPrint.

    The award-winning EarPrint technology allows users to create a personalized audio profile, which is a snapshot of an individual’s hearing profile based on how they hear different frequencies in each ear. Then, Even’s headphones, or any product with the EarPrint technology built in, adjust the way sound is delivered to each ear, creating a customized listening experience for every person.

    “We’ve launched our “Don’t get beat by Beats” campaign because enough is enough,” Danny Aronson, CEO and Co-founder of EVENConsumers, said.

    For Aronson, customers deserve better than what they’re currently being told is high quality by companies spending millions on advertising over innovation to convince them of such.

    “That’s why, in addition to offering technology and quality unmatched by these competitors, we’ve also cut our pricing from the industry standard for premium headphones ($300+) by at least half, because everyone deserves to have great quality and hear music the way it was intended,” he added.

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    Even Introduces New …

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