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    How Do You Make Money In The Metaverse?

    How Do You Make Money In The Metaverse?

    Despite the fact that search interest in the “Metaverse” seems to have dropped lately, this new concept seems to be offering a lot of possibilities both for businesses and individuals in the next few years.

    In fact, the market size of the Metaverse is expected to exceed $47 billion this year and is predicted to rise to $680 billion by 2030. This represents a growth of more than 1000% in less than a decade, providing huge potential for early investors.

    Bankless Times has put together a guide on how you can make money in the Metaverse.

    Here is a brief summary:

    1. Invest in Metaverse projects – By holding stocks in large companies that have invested in the industry, for example, Meta (former Facebook), you can capitalize on their future growth
    2. Get involved in play-to-earn games – You can generate income through these games by completing missions, collecting objects, and battling other players
    3. Buy and sell virtual assets – Like in the real world you can buy assets when they are low and sell them again when they are high. These could be digital artwork, in-game assets, wearables, and even virtual real estate
    4. Create VR Games and monetize in-app purchases – This requires specific skills so you might need help from experts if you are not a developer but the potential return is also higher
    5. Organize VR experiences – This became particularly popular during Covid for obvious reasons and the virtual event industry is set to grow steadily
    6. Become an NFT artist – A lot of artists have already made a lot of money by selling their artwork as NFTs. You can upload your art for free on NFT marketplaces; the challenging part is to persuade users to spend money on your creations

    You can read the full guide HERE.

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