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    How Technology Is Bringing Ancient Egypt’s Mysteries To Life In Different Ways

    How Technology Is Bringing Ancient Egypt’s Mysteries To Life In Different Ways

    The secrets of Ancient Egypt have long held an intense fascination for many of us.

    Perhaps the glory days of Egyptology came back in 1922 when Howard Carter uncovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. However, technology has also allowed us to bring this era back to life in more recent times.

    Games Based on Egyptian Legends and Myths

    Technology has been used to bring this exciting period of history to life for people in an enjoyable way. This is because there have been some terrific games based on Ancient Egypt that have introduced many more people to the legends and myths of this era.

    Assassin’s Creed: Origins from Ubisoft is set in the Ptolemaic Period and was developed with the help of Egyptologists and historians. This resulted in an authentic feel to the game and was rewarded when it was released to positive reviews in 2017, with Steam rating it as one of the top games set in Ancient Egypt.

    We can see Egyptian Gods and pharaohs appear in numerous online pokies at Sky City Casino too. Book of Gods by Big Time Gaming is set inside an ornate temple by the Nile. Doom of Egypt is from Play N’ Go and has the God Anubis as the main character, joined by scarabs and other evocative images.

    Egyptian Senet is different, as it is a modern version of a classic board game that was once played by pharaohs. It is arguably the world’s oldest board game and versions of it have been found in tombs. Several versions can be found online, with a mixture of luck and strategy needed to achieve victory in this timeless game.

    The Use of New Methods of Exploring Mummies and Artifacts

    One of the great challenges of exploring this distant civilization is the delicate state of mummies and the artifacts that were buried with them. In the early days of exploring tombs and unraveling their mysteries, numerous mummies were damaged due to the difficulty in unwrapping and handling them.

    The use of technology to study artifacts from thousands of years ago has improved our understanding of how the pharaohs lived and died. It is an area that is largely restricted to academics, but most of us may occasionally see something like this reported in the news from time and time and view it with more than passing interest.

    CT scanning has now become used as a way of letting investigators see even the tiniest details and then recreate the body as a 3D model. This method has allowed scientists to discover that Tutankhamun had an infection in his broken left leg, while DNA scans revealed that he had suffered from several cases of malaria, throwing light on what might have killed him.

    Another breakthrough came when ACS’ Analytical Chemistry reported that scientists have found a safer way of analyzing the bitumen that was used to embalm pharaohs. Electron paramagnetic resonance allows researchers to study the embalming material without causing any damage to the mummy.

    It is easy to see why the history of Egypt holds such a lot of interest for us. With the help of modern technology, we now understand the past better and can also play games that make us feel part of it.

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