Introducing The Minimoog Model D App

Moog Music announces the release of an iOS version of the world’s most iconic synthesizer.

Based on Moog’s original analog designs for the first portable keyboard synthesizer, the Minimoog Model D App captures the magic of its hardware namesake, inviting users to explore the fundamental elements of sound by setting, shaping, and modulating each aspect of the sonic phenomena — or jump straight in and play with over 160 included presets (with hundreds more presets available in the Minimoog Model D App Store).

The Minimoog Model D App was created by Moog exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, supporting any 64-bit iOS device to deliver advanced audio and desktop-class performance on the go. The Minimoog Model D App also integrates seamlessly with mobile DAWs. With AUv3 Audio Unit extension support, multiple instances of this powerful instrument can be used simultaneously within multi-tracking iOS apps like Apple’s GarageBand.

Taking full advantage of the iOS platform, the Minimoog Model D App incorporates a number of inspiring sound creation tools and capabilities not present on its analog antecedent. New functions include the ability to play chords of up to four notes at once, an easy-to-use arpeggiator module for rhythmic pattern creation, a real-time looping recorder with unlimited overdubs, a tempo-synchronizable stereo ping-pong delay module, and the Bender — a brand-new wide-range time modulation effect module.

Available now, the Minimoog Model D App places new realms of creative potential in the palm of your hand.

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    Introducing The Mini…

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