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    Tech Skills That Will Help You Thrive In The Future Of Work

    Tech Skills That Will Help You Thrive In The Future Of Work

    A lot of factors are driving businesses to evolve really fast.

    Today, companies are improving the way they use new technologies like robotic process automation, machine learning, and cloud services.

    At the same time, they are working on improving the way they use data analytics. The use of data has become essential and companies are relying on it to make economically viable decisions. As a result, companies’ change rate is increasing at a rapid pace. These kinds of new technologies are helping companies not only develop better products but also to lower costs. Companies are also increasing their productivity, as well as boosting customer engagement. Although this may be true, there is a massive job disruption because jobs that have been around for decades are now becoming obsolete or being replaced. For this reason, we are pushed to learn new tech skills that will allow us to stay on top of the game.

    Not embracing or learning these skills may take you out of the competition; the same could happen to companies that are not adaptable to changes. As the world evolves, we must adapt in order to go on. While it is true that these shifts have caused a remarkable impact on the job market, it is important for members of the workforce to stay up to date, as well as dynamic, in order to fit the new requirements that employers are looking for in new hirings.

    Given these points, if you want to stay in the competition and want to thrive in the future, here are some tech skills that will help you secure a place in tomorrow’s job market.

    Machine Learning

    Many companies have implemented the use of this technology. It is because machine learning is useful for various purposes—from helping someone to write correctly or giving fast responses, to allowing a car to be driven by itself. For example, Pinterest is a company that uses machine learning to improve the way content is discovered on its platform. The technology is used to accelerate monetization work, detect spam content, and object recognition.

    As can be seen, machine learning can be used in different kinds of ways. With this in mind, it is essential to highlight that this technology has been developed to stay and will still be used in the following years.

    If you want to have this skill, you can join Flatiron School. The school offers online or in-person programs, with courses ranging from full stack development to cybersecurity. The success of its programs is evident in the average earnings made by its graduates. Last year alone, the average salary for Flatiron graduates was $74,566. If you are concerned about financial stress, Flatiron School offers many financing options like ISA, deferred tuition, and loan financing. Rest assured that the company is committed to your success; its programs are designed to provide students with job-ready skills. At the same time, its pedagogy ensures not only are students prepared for today’s job market but also equipped with aptitudes to keep learning and stay ahead of the competition.


    Python is a general-purpose programming language that is easy to learn and use. For this reason, it has grown in popularity in recent years. Python is used by data scientists and data analysts because it is a great tool for data interpretation, data visualization, and data analysis. Python makes data scientists’ work easier as it counts with a large community where users can share their experiences and help out each other in projects.

    Also, Python users are able to develop cross-platform programs. As a result, other professionals like software engineers also like to use Python in their line of work. Similarly, web developers use Python to create optimized websites so that companies are able to better engage their customers. It is without doubt that Python will continue to be used in the future, thanks to its general application.

    For that reason, there are a lot of resources that offer Python courses online. For example, Thinkful’s Analytics Flex course will teach students to become Python-skilled and well-versed in data analysis in just six months. As the school cares about its students, its programs are designed to be flexible and fit every student’s needs.

    Students will also receive help from a career support team that includes a personal mentor, an academic success manager, and a career coach. Thinkful is equipped with everything you need to make a change in your life and start a new career in data analytics. Also, if you think that money is a barrier, Thinkful offers financing options like ISA, deferred tuition, and upfront payments.


    SQL is widely used in different kinds of roles, but the truth is that SQL was designed to organize, manage, and store data in an efficient way. Data analysts and data scientists, for instance, have to deal with big amounts of data in their everyday work lives. For this reason, they use SQL as their primary tool to manage data, because it makes their tasks less time-consuming. In other words, SQL is tech workers’ favorite when dealing with data, and as a result, it will continue to be a widely-used programming language in the future, especially because data is very valuable to companies nowadays. This is why companies keep looking for professionals with adequate SQL knowledge acquired either through experience or a comprehensive SQL course.

    Schools like Kenzie Academy care about the future and can help you thrive with its SQL programs. Kenzie Academy’s coding bootcamp offers courses in UX/UI Design, as well as web development. Its courses are one-year full-time programs where you have to spend 30 hours per week learning. While the courses might not be as flexible as other bootcamps, its software engineering program covers extensive topics and other in-demand programming languages like HTML, React, and JavaScript. So, after completing one of Kenzie Academy’s courses, not only will you be able to use SQL, but also other programming languages that will automatically make you more valuable to employers.


    The job market is changing day and night. As a result, employers are constantly searching for talents who meet their needs. However, to thrive in the future, you will need to learn new skills, such as the ones mentioned, in order to build up a solid skillset. In other words, the future of work is full of tech-related demands as companies keep using new technologies to deliver better services and products to customers.

    Given these points, the perfect time to start learning and prepare yourself for the future is now. If you go and earn a certificate in one of these skills today, your future professional self will thank you.


    • Deep Das
      December 28, 2021

      IT professionals can benefit from these 3 technological abilities allowing them to be future- ready for transforming the work culture.

    • Adam
      June 26, 2022

      Thanks for your skills. I recently read an excellent selection in the article which talked about the importance of many things and what personal skills you need for a successful career. Now it is important to understand what is useful to you and what is worth developing.

    • Benjamin
      September 18, 2022

      It all depends on the niche you want to help. Now in IT, they often want to see an understanding or a superficial knowledge of languages, so that it is easier to train or work with such people. For example I used this javascript tutorial to get more knowledge

    • Emilia
      April 10, 2023

      I think everyone understands how much our life is now connected with various kinds of technologies. Fast typing skills will always be of prime importance. In addition, now this skill is so easy to practice using online tools like this one

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