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    Tips For Holiday Cooking – A Must-Use Kitchen Helper: SideChef

    Tips For Holiday Cooking – A Must-Use Kitchen Helper: SideChef

    With the holiday season in full swing, people are preparing for holiday parties, family dinners, and other food-centric festivities.

    The bad news: holiday entertaining can be super stressful! Holiday hosts and potluck guests are craving simple cooking hacks and stress reducers for holiday entertaining. Our take: there is no shame in bringing in some 21st-century reinforcement in the form of the SideChef cooking app.

    SideChef was founded with the sole purpose of getting more people to cook–especially beginners with little to no cooking experience. This was accomplished by developing a signature smart recipe format that includes step-by-step photos, instructional videos, in-app timers, and voice responsiveness. Over time, we’ve expanded our cooking platform to include personalization, meal planning, grocery delivery fulfillable through AmazonFresh, and native Amazon Echo accessibility (no skill required).

    When it comes to holiday cooking, SideChef is the single app that can eliminate all pain points for the home cook. With over 11,000 recipes to choose from, the ability to avoid the dreaded grocery shop, and an easy-to-follow recipe format, we’ve made holiday cooking stress-free and fail-proof.

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