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    Want To Start A Vlog? Here’s How

    Want To Start A Vlog? Here’s How

    Starting Vlogging has never been easy until now.

    The reason is that there are readily available tools, platforms, and affordable internet. Nowadays, people love watching videos more than reading, and you can create any content, depending on your target audience.

    Starting a vlog is easy if you follow the right procedure. Many people love taking shortcuts and fail along the way. What do you require for vlogging? It would be best to have tools such as a camera, microphone, lighting setup, tripod stand, and video editing software. The process involves capturing the content, editing it, and publishing it to your audience. Here is the process.


    Before starting your vlogging career, you need to prepare for it first. What’s required in preparation? It would help if you research by analyzing your favorite vloggers and going through the popular videos to see what is going on and areas to avoid. It would help if you also defined the purpose of your channel.

    According to vlogging experts from, you have to know the goal, what to say, the people involved in the vlog, and the discussion’s main topic. Nowadays, trending vlogs are usually topics of something, including cooking, exercising, reality shows, etc. Ensure you do it right to hit the audience directly.

    Create a YouTube Channel

    There is only one popular medium for uploading and distribution videos online; The YouTube Channel. You have to create a YouTube account before starting your vlogging business. This platform is where you will be uploading your videos, and it’s the place where your viewers will be searching for your content. Creating a YouTube channel is easy. You need to have a professional Gmail account and follow the procedure. If you have a Gmail account, you need to click on the “create a YouTube channel” and have an account.

    You need to select an attractive name for your YouTube channel, get an adorable icon and art, and then optimize the channel’s description. It is important to tell your esteemed viewers who you are and what they should expect from you.

    Get the Right Equipment

    With the rising demand for content and growing YouTube channels, you need to give your audience the best quality videos and sound. To produce this audio and video, you need to have the right equipment for your vlogging business. If you don’t have enough capital to get state-of-the-art equipment, find a vlogging camera, a microphone, and get free editing software for a start. Improvise the equipment and have your content edited well to give your audience the best you can.

    Remember, the better the content, the more will be the viewers and subscribers, and the more you will earn from your vlogging business. If your budget allows, invest in Modern HD Video cameras, a better microphone, wind muffler, Tripod, and an artificial lighting setting.

    Prepare the Content

    Here it means getting ready to shoot your videos. First, you need to create a plan and the kind of content you need to shoot. Write down the project and the content and do some rehearsals. Take at least a month to ensure you master your content well before shooting. You can start by making short skits of the videos, editing them wherever possible, making a video, watching it thoroughly, and checking the areas that need improvement.

    If all gets set, including the content, cameras, and attitude, it will be time to hit the vlogging road and create the audience’s content.

    Film the Videos

    There are several safeguards you need to take when filming your videos. First, you need to be calm and confident in the whole project. Never panic. Secondly, ensure you have the right setting and lighting before you start. Never stop midway to adjust anything, including the lighting, as it will affect the vlog’s quality. You also need to have a preview of the video to show viewers what to expect in the main video.

    During shooting, interact with your subscribers and remind them the content is all about them. Don’t forget to sign off with a phrase or gesture that might form your identity.

    Edit and Upload

    After filming your video, you can now edit it before uploading it to your YouTube channel. Use the best software to add effects to your video, which doesn’t affect your video’s quality. When your video is ready for uploading to your channel, you need to ensure that it confirms to the YouTube recommended upload settings before doing so. If not, adjust it to fit. Choose the most captivating title for the content and upload your video. Things to consider in uploading include customizing thumbnails, optimizing description, and creating tags for your video.

    After uploading your video, you must promote it to the targeted audience. You can do this by sharing the video link to your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ensure you engage your audience and keep on Vlogging!

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