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    Why Every Business Should Develop An App For The Apple Watch

    Why Every Business Should Develop An App For The Apple Watch

    App development is a worthwhile investment for businesses.

    Giving people a new way to interact with your content and your business as a whole can increase data collection capabilities and boost sales, in many cases. It’s also an excellent branding opportunity because people have your logo on their home screen and they see it constantly. You can also make extra business by creating an Illinois LLC if you’re based in the area.

    When developing apps for your business, it’s important that you create versions for multiple platforms so you can extend your reach and ensure you aren’t missing any potential customers. However, people usually only consider iOS and Android smartphones when developing for different platforms. The thing is, there are plenty more mobile devices out there and you need to make sure you cover all bases. For example, have you considered developing a version of your app for the Apple Watch?

    A lot of businesses don’t because they don’t think it’s worth the investment. Almost everybody has a smartphone but Apple Watch ownership is still limited, so is it really worth it? Even though smart watches are still new tech, they are becoming more popular and it looks like they are here to stay, and there are a lot of great reasons to develop an app for them. Here are the key reasons why businesses should be developing their own Apple Watch apps.

    Easy Access To Information

    The great thing about an Apple Watch app is that it increases access to information. Whenever a notification comes through, it is displayed instantly on the watch. Naturally, you already use notifications on your app to catch the attention of your users and encourage action. Being able to do this on the smart watch only makes it more effective and ensures that people still receive your message, even if they don’t have their phone to hand or they are unable to look at it immediately. If you develop an app that responds to the user based on data, you can target people with relevant notifications and increase engagement with the app.

    Encourage Instant Action With Shortcuts

    When developing an app for the Apple Watch, you should consider the use of shortcuts for standard actions on the smartphone app. An experienced ios app development company can create an Apple Watch app that works seamlessly with your smartphone app so when notifications pop up, they can use shortcuts to take immediate action. Making the process much simpler for users means that they are far more likely to engage with notifications and prompts on the app.

    Create A Feeling Of Exclusivity

    Many businesses overlook the Apple Watch when developing apps, which is precisely why you should use the platform. It gives a feeling of exclusivity because your business offers an Apple Watch app while your competitors don’t. It shows customers that you are dedicated to providing the most utility and improving their interactions with your business in any way possible.

    Tips For Developing Your Apple Watch App

    Now that you have decided your business definitely needs an Apple Watch app, it’s important to consider a few key tips for the development phase.

    Firstly, keep it simple. The Apple Watch is great and it has a lot of incredibly useful functions, but the interface is small. Remember, you’re designing an app for a watch screen, not a smartphone. If you try to overcomplicate it, you will end up with an app that is clunky and annoying to use. So, don’t try to translate every feature of your mobile app to your Apple Watch app. Instead, consider which functions translate best and which are most important to users, and focus on those.

    Where notifications are concerned, less is more. Although the Apple Watch is a great platform for notifications, people will quickly become frustrated if they get constant notifications throughout the day and they will delete the app. Whenever you send a notification, make sure that it is useful and adds value in some way. If you can’t give a clear reason why the user will be interested, you don’t need to send that notification.

    Make sure that integration with your smartphone app is at the heart of your design too. You shouldn’t see the Apple Watch app as a standalone application, it should be a companion to the smartphone app that increases its utility. As long as the two work seamlessly together, they will both improve one another.

    Some people said the Apple Watch would be a passing trend but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If you want your business to keep up, you should look at developing an Apple Watch app sooner rather than later.

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    • Veronika
      April 27, 2022

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