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    The Effects Of Blue Light On Gamers’ Eyes

    The Effects Of Blue Light On Gamers’ Eyes

    Being an avid gamer, you may notice that your eyes feel sore and dry after gaming for a long time.

    After some time, you may be too uncomfortable to keep gaming. Computer monitors, TV screens, and tablets emit blue light that can be harmful to your eyes.

    The human eye is sensitive to virtually every part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Blue light has the highest energy and shortest wavelengths. When it scatters, blue light causes a blur and haze resulting in fatigue and eye strain.

    The light passes through the cornea, lens, and retina. Children’s eyes are more sensitive to blue light than adults as the crystalline lens in their eyes do not have enough yellowing to protect them.

    Here are a few reasons to minimize your exposure to blue light.

    It Increases the Risk of Macular Degeneration

    Prolonged exposure to blue light may increase your risk of macular degeneration. Since blue light goes all the way to the retina, its effects can be severe. Studies suggest that blue light can be bad for the light-sensitive cells in the eye. It can cause changes similar to those of macular degeneration leading to permanent vision loss. Even though there isn’t enough research to determine the amount of blue light that is harmful to the retina, most eye care experts suggest that you minimize exposure to blue light.

    The Eye Isn’t Great for Blocking Blue Light

    The human eye has limited abilities to block blue light. The anterior structures of the eye are great at blocking UV rays from the light-sensitive retina. Almost all visible blue light can reach the retina through the cornea and lens, but wearing blue-light filtering glasses can help salvage your retina for the longest. Wearing glasses when gaming may be a good idea, as well as wearing them when staring long hours at any screen, for that matter.

    Blue-light filtering glasses come in many shapes and sizes, but when trying to choose between yellow vs clear glasses, you ought to think about the level of protection you need. Clear glasses might be more suitable to wear to work as they are more seamless, while yellow lenses offer greater blue light protection and are more suitable for gamers and inducing sleep e.g. when working or playing games late at home.

    It Causes Digital Eye Strain

    Blue light may contribute to digital eye strain since it scatters more than most visible light and doesn’t focus easily. Computer screens, tablets, TVs, and other digital devices cause an unfocused visual sound. It reduces contrast and may cause digital eye strain.

    Research suggests that the lenses which blue block blue light with 450nm or fewer wavelengths can increase contrast. Yellow-tinted lenses are great for avid gamers, as the yellow filter lenses prevent excess light from reaching your retina.

    It Is Harmful After Cataract Surgery

    You need blue light protection, especially after cataract surgery. The lens in our eyes blocks almost all of the UV rays from the sun. As a part of the aging process, lenses can become more yellowish, and they may block some blue light too, but this is not something that’s considered healthy for the eyes. If you plan on having cataract surgery, your surgeon may help you determine the most appropriate intraocular lens. After surgery, you need glasses when gaming to filter out blue light in order to protect your sensitized eyes.


    In conclusion, keep in mind that not only gamers are exposed to blue light from their screens, as we all stare at screens throughout life, and it can be detrimental to our eye health. Fortunately, wearing the right glasses can make it possible to enjoy your computer time without harming your eyes.

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