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    10 Secret Budget Friendly Destinations In Europe

    10 Secret Budget Friendly Destinations In Europe

    Caz Shares Top Picks For European Adventure On A Budget

    The thrifty traveling couple of Ytravelblog, Caz and Craig have journeyed across the globe making memories and sharing some of the worlds best destinations for family fun. Caroline (Caz), one half of the duo, recently shared her top 10 picks for affordable Europe travel. Caz and Craig both have a passion for travel and love to inspire others to travel as well. They love traveling with their family and want others to have their own great adventures without getting in over their heads with expenses.

    Caroline (Caz), one-half of the travel blogging duo Caz and Craig, recently shared her top 10 picks for affordable Europe travel.

    This scentic pick from Caz’s list is perfect for satisfying any adventurers wanderlust is  Salzkammergut region, Austria, The beautiful and affordable region is home to beautiful lakes and local growth delights that will have your whole family reminiscing for months.

    Another magical destination is Pag Island, Croatia, known for its spectacular night-time views. Caz lets us in on its equally spectacular value with opportunities for lodging at less than 30 Euros ( that’s just under $36 US!).

    The Volos & Pelion region, Greece is an architectural treasure situated near the Pagasetic Gulf. It was the filming location for a popular movie, check out Caz’s post to learn which one!

    Mdina & Zebbug, Malta is both affordable and enchanting, with elaborate castles, friendly locals and a three-day celebration that highlights the islands diverse cultural history.

    Caz is an expert in getting the most out of your travel experience. Follow her and her family as they uncover beauty in the most unexpected places. Their mission is simple.

     ” We want to help you disconnect from the chaos – the living by the shoulds, musts, and have to’s – to embrace your heart centered desires so you can follow and live your bliss.”-Caz and Craig

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