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    7 Tips For Making Travel Videos That Leave Your Audience Hooked: Vlogging 101

    7 Tips For Making Travel Videos That Leave Your Audience Hooked: Vlogging 101

    Vlogging is no easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort to make interesting videos for people to watch.

    This article will discuss seven tips that will help you create travel vlogs that your audience won’t want to put down.

    Don’t Film Everything

    The point of vlogging is to create an intimate connection with your audience, so you mustn’t film everything. You also want to avoid filming any private moments without permission first! This includes things like people sleeping or being naked in public places; these aren’t appropriate subjects for vlogs unless both parties have agreed ahead of time.

    If you find that you captured some sensitive parts in your photography or videos, you can quickly edit them out before posting.

    Center You Vlogs Around an Activity or Place

    The second tip to make travel videos that will leave your audience hooked is to center them around an activity or place. For example, if you’re vlogging about a location, don’t just talk about it in general terms and show endless footage of the same paths day after day. Instead, if there’s one thing going on at a particular destination, focus on it and shoot all the content related to that subject. Choose activities where communicating what is happening gives viewers contextual information, which helps keep them engaged long enough for you to tell more of your story without having to film everything.

    It’s tempting to film everything in your day but don’t. Instead, pick a theme and follow it through, like exploring an area or activity. It will keep the viewer more engaged with fewer videos centered around one topic as opposed to many unrelated topics.

    Share your opinion about things – if people watch your clips up to a certain point, then they obviously want to hear what you think too!

    Keep Your Videos Short and Sweet

    It’s best to keep them at a maximum of five minutes. One way you can do this is by setting the alarm on your phone, which will remind you when it’s time to wrap up the video and move on to something else. Also, drone photography has multiple settings that’ll allow you to set timers and take unique shots that your audience will relish.

    You don’t need to be filming for over an hour – keep it short and sweet. Your viewers are likely very busy, so unless you’re making a film of your travels or documenting something important, try not to exceed 30 minutes with each video.

    Don’t Fear To Show More of Yourself

    In the 21st century, people don’t just watch TV or play video games – they live on social media and YouTube. So, you’re not only creating content for a future audience but also an existing one that’s already watching your vlogs every day.

    Include Other People in the Vlog

    Many people think of vlogging as a solo activity, but it doesn’t always have to be. If you’re hosting your video blog from your own home and are showing off the products in your house, for example, bring out some friends or family members.

    The more perspectives you can offer on one issue – such as what life is like when only living alone vs. having roommates – the better! Showing other people’s reactions will keep viewers hooked because they want to know what others think about the issue.

    A great way to continue this idea into travel videos is by interviewing locals at a destination that has caught your eye. Ask them their opinions on different topics related to the place such as, how they got there, what they love most about it, and what their favorite thing is to do in the area. Interviewing locals will not only help you get an idea of the best places for your visit but also give your viewers a chance to relate better with those who have walked in and out of these destinations before them.

    Share Your Opinions About Your Travel Destinations

    One thing you can truly enjoy about making travel videos is sharing your thoughts and ideas. You don’t have to be a total expert on the destination, but it’s always nice to share your experiences with other people planning their trips there.

    For example, if you were in Paris, France, right now, you could mention how beautiful everything looks around you or talk about your favorite things to do while visiting this city. This will help others get excited about their own trip and make them want to keep watching so they can see more of what Paris has to offer.

    Start Your Videos With an Establishing Shot

    This is one of the most important tips to remember when making travel videos. Starting your video with an establishing shot will help viewers get oriented and prepare for what they’re about to see in terms of visuals and sound.

    The establishing shot is what you want to use at the beginning of your video as a way to set the scene. You can do this in many ways, but it’s up to you and how creative or skilled you are with videography. You might choose an aerial view from a drone, zoom out until your audience sees where they live on Earth before gradually zooming back into the city streets below them, pan across some stunning coastline views while telling their story, or whatever floats your boat!

    Just make sure that viewers will understand more clearly what they’re watching by seeing this picture first.

    So, there you have it! Seven tips to make your travel vlogs more effective and enjoyable for your audience. Don’t forget that the most important tip is to enjoy yourself while filming so your audience can enjoy it too. Besides, as long as people can read your enjoyment in talking about what’s going on around you, you will easily hook them to the story. So, keep these simple pointers in mind when making a video of any kind and see where this newfound knowledge takes you.

    Remember, no one knows everything, but you will get better at your craft with some research and trial-and-error.

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