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    How To Be A Global Citizen During COVID-19

    How To Be A Global Citizen During COVID-19

    It’s safe to say that this pandemic has rocked the earth to its very core, but that doesn’t mean we as a global community haven’t been able to rally together in support of not just the health and safety of our own nation, but also of our neighbors who live to the east, west, north, and south.

    Because of social distancing measures, travel restrictions, and other public health and safety initiatives taken worldwide, we’ve been able to minimize cases of COVID-19 across the globe, which is truly a remarkable achievement.

    However, it’s worth mentioning that there are still some countries that are very much tackling this pandemic, alongside other local concerns they may have. As global citizens, it is our duty to be mindful of these ongoing crises and do our part in providing support. Here are a few ways you can continue making a global positive impact during this ongoing pandemic.

    Support India through its second wave

    First and foremost, we encourage every single one of our readers to donate money to India today to ensure that aid organizations and charities are well equipped to provide the citizens of India with the resources that they need to flatten their national curve. Over the past two months, India has been battling through the worst outbreak of COVID-19 that the world has ever seen, having recorded 403,405 new cases on Saturday, with a rolling average of around 390,000 new cases being recorded every day. Currently, hospitals and medical centers across the country are filled to the brim with people who need oxygen support and professional healthcare.

    As it is, however, beds are completely unavailable across the country, which is exactly why organizations all around the world have established dedicated appeals that are solely intent on providing resources and funding to India so that the nation can address its most urgent needs. If you’d like your donation to have the largest impact it can, we would highly recommend you donate to these dedicated appeals.

    Consume consciously

    Part of being a global citizen is maintaining an understanding of how one’s actions can have a wider ripple effect on the world around them. It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t even need to make contributions outside your country to have a positive impact on an international scale. For evidence of this, look no further than the rise of the shop local movement.

    COVID-19 inspired a resurgence in Australians shopping locally partly due to major delays surrounding international shipping. However, it was consumers opting to shop locally during the pandemic which kept the Australian economy afloat for most of 2020. It’s important to note too that shopping locally doesn’t just hold benefits for your national economy alone.

    Shopping local means supporting ethical production practices over disjointed international manufacturing which may rely on exploiting the labor of disadvantaged populations across the globe. By shopping locally, you’re essentially refusing to support these unethical production practices, effectively bringing the world one step closer to eradicating things like sweatshops and inhumane factory conditions in the third world.

    Alongside this, buying locally sourced produce and locally manufactured goods also ensures that you’re minimizing the carbon footprint of your household by refusing to support emissions produced by international trade and shipping. With the globalization of commerce, there can truly be no greater ripples than the ones made by our choices as consumers.

    Use the platforms available to you

    With the rise of misinformation across the globe, it’s important that we keep up the conversations surrounding global and political issues to ensure that our wider community stays well-informed and well-educated. It’s up to us to use not only our social media platforms to inspire discussion, but also take opportunities in our day-to-day to make positive changes in our community.

    Help yourself by helping others and volunteer for your local animal shelter or op shops. Make donations of both times, money, and other resources that can benefit the people around you. Use your voice to encourage your friends and loved ones to engage with topical issues. Stay present, be mindful, and make sure to always practice compassion and kindness above all else so that you can do your part in creating a more inclusive world.

    Despite the fact that we are all still currently experiencing some negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s worth keeping in mind that the severity of these consequences is varying. If we’re experiencing any stability in our own lives, it’s only because of the efforts of our friends and neighbors, and it is our right to continue supporting one another throughout this pandemic, as well as once it has finally passed.

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