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    Roaming The Roads Of The Romans: The Ultimate Italian Cultural Road Trip Mapped Out

    Roaming The Roads Of The Romans: The Ultimate Italian Cultural Road Trip Mapped Out

    For travelers looking to soak in as much of the country as possible in the time that they on an adventure, there is no better option than a road trip.

    Taking to the open road means you can map out the perfect route, factoring in every sight you want to see and every city you want to stop in. And where better to a road trip than the home of the Ancient Romans, one of the most influential societies in our modern world?

    One of the cultural capitals of the world, Italy is a country that offers so much to see, eat and enjoy that it can feel impossible to fit all of the best bits into one trip. Luxury holiday experts Citalia have solved the problem, pulling together an interactive guidebook, laying out the must-see sights from Ancient times – from the wildly popular to the virtually unheard of – so that you can experience the world of the Ancient Romans in the modern day. And what if you want to try before you buy? No problem – the tool also offers 360 images to explore so that you can decide which you really need to see in person.

    Not only this, but they’ve also mapped out the ultimate road trip for any cultural explorer which factors in stops at 20 historic hotspots to discover.

    All roads lead to Rome, but there’s much more of the Roman world to see. Take your trip beyond just the capital, starting in Verona, traveling past Milan, through Florence, stopping to take in Rome and ending in Naples and you’ll find collapsed amphitheaters, preserved cities, and ancient walls.

    Some of the best bits to be taken in from this cultural adventure include:

    Verona Arena – The starting point of the road trip, Shakespeare’s fair Verona is home to the Verona Arena. Built in 30 AD, the arena is still in use today and offers the perfect way to experience operas and concerts in the same way that would have been done all of those years ago.

    Theatre at Faesulae – Located near the beautiful city of Florence, the Theatre at Faesulae is built into the natural rock of the hills offering scenic views across the stunning Tuscan scenery.

    Ostia Antica – Translating as “ancient mouth”, this harbour city situated close to modern Ostia, near Rome, is now an archaeological site featuring well-preserved buildings and mosaics.

    Paestum – Located near Salerno, Paestum was actually a Greek city. It features three different, well-preserved Greek temples as well as a large number of major structures – making it a great spot to dip into Greek culture on your tour of Ancient Italy.

    Herculaneum – While many of us have heard of Pompeii, and it’s also a recommended stopping point on your cultural exploration of Italy, many may not have heard of Herculaneum. What was once an ancient Roman town; Herculaneum was destroyed but remarkably preserved by an eruption of nearby Vesuvius in 79 AD. Stopping at this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must for anybody looking to top up their Ancient Roman knowledge.

    To uncover the full guidebook to Ancient Italy, you can explore the interactive tool on the Citalia website here.

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