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    Salzburg, Austria, Is Simply Beautiful

    Salzburg, Austria, Is Simply Beautiful

    This destination is nothing short of spectacular.

    Labeled as the “Birthplace of Mozart,” Salzburg brings with it a lot of history. Not only are the streets rich with stories from times past, the visual standpoint and centralized location of Austria in Europe make it a go-to destination for anyone, young or old.

    When walking the cobblestone streets, you can easily identify the Roman-influenced architecture that is so frequently utilized in this region. This city contains three universities and is known as a student-populated city drawn to the Alpine surroundings. The streets even though flooded by pedestrians, are noticeably clean with a very peaceful feel. If you’re looking for picture-perfect Instagram moments, then this is it.

    Feel free to visit attractions like the Hohensalzburg Castle, one of the largest castles in all of Europe. Enjoy the Salzburg Summer Festival, and take part in St. Martin’s Day (which is like trick-or-treating, but in November!).

    Whatever the occasion for visiting this historic city, there are many things to enjoy from walking around the city, to simply enjoying the awe-inspiring landscape.

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