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    Eustachi Is Making Travel Easier

    Eustachi Is Making Travel Easier

    If your ears have ever felt blocked on a plane or when you have a cold or allergies, you know the feeling can be almost unbearable – and can throw a painful wrench into even the best-laid travel plans.

    For people who struggle with the pain and discomfort of plugged ears, the new Eustachi device provides a simple, portable and – for many – proven solution.

    This lightweight, battery-operated device can be easily packed for any travel destination or to have on hand during cold, flu or allergy seasons to offer quick relief. Eustachi is a natural way to equalize the pressure in your ears with quick and simple ear exercises that even kids can do. With just a little air, the device works with your body’s natural process to unclog your ears anytime, anywhere.

    For some people, the uncomfortable feeling can often be resolved by chewing a piece of gum, or by showing kids how to hold their nose and blow to “pop” their ears. But for others, the solution isn’t that simple. Kids aren’t always able to “pop” their ears on their own, and for many, the feeling persists no matter what else they try, making it difficult to enjoy everyday activities.

    Eustachi is gaining momentum as a must-pack solution for travelers. It’s available in nearly 4,000 retail stores nationwide including Target, CVS Pharmacy and Amazon.


    • dennis perret
      January 5, 2019

      Will it work when I dive into the water or jump in or swim underwater? Both ears always plug up and can stay plugged for up to 4 to 8 hr.s’
      Im way beyond plugging my nose and and blowing

      Thankyou very much

    • George
      January 11, 2019

      Water in the ear from swimming or shower reside in the ear canal which is different from air pressure. The product won’t help this

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