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    Travelaer Gains New Distribution Capability Certification

    Travelaer Gains New Distribution Capability Certification

    Travelaer, a digital software provider for the travel industry, announces that it is certified as an NDC capable, level three IT provider by the International Air Transport Association.

    Level three certification means that Travelaer is now able to support, “extensive use of its offer and order management API,” according to IATA. By using the NDC’s 17.2 message version, Travelaer is also able to align with the most-used messaging formats adopted today.

    “We all know the travel industry has been slower than others to adopt progressive technologies, but we believe change is in the air,” says Travelaer CEO and co-founder Mike Slone.

    “From the beginning, Travelaer has been focused on improving the Customer experience across all phases of travel and all channels,” Slone continues. “We believe that supporting and adopting initiatives such as NDC will allow us to move away from the constraints of legacy-based systems and towards a more simplified offer and order management system.”

    Travel Paas

    NDC certification gives Travelaer the ability to enable its airline customers to distribute content through the Travelaer booking and management engine, Travelpaas. It also creates additional business opportunities for Travelaer by aggregating NDC content. It then helps online travel agencies gain access and help distribute NDC content.

    This then paves the road for easy and agnostic integration of Travelpaas with NDC certified merchandising systems, PSS, GDSs, CMS, RMS, and more. NDC certification ultimately gives Travelaer the power to help airlines build consistency in a sea of constant industry changes.

    “For an independent digital company like Travelaer, this is a great step forward to adopt the new standards of communication in the travel industry in order to extend our business capabilities through integrating with any NDC users,” says Travelaer Head of Product Management Lucille Cambon. “The NDC standard is going to change the way travel content is distributed, and we are actively taking part in this change. Not only by helping airlines to distribute their fares in a new way but also by taking the concept further to enable airlines to manage retail better, as we are strongly enhancing our retailing solutions using NDC standards.”

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    Travelaer Gains New …

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