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    6 Exciting Things To Do On Your Next Vacation

    6 Exciting Things To Do On Your Next Vacation

    Going on vacation doesn’t have to be boring.

    There are many exciting things you can do with your friends, family or even by yourself on the holiday of a lifetime.

    Here are six examples of what you can do on your next vacation.


    This is an extremely fun activity that can be done with a group of friends. It’s a combination of a paintball war and a water fight. The primary “weapon” is a gel blaster, so you can opt for regular ones or spring for a gel blaster upgrade to increase your chances of winning. Here’s how to play:

    • Split into teams to play against each other.
    • The goal is to get the most points within a time limit of 30 minutes.
    • Players are allowed 1 gel blaster per person with unlimited refills, so you either want to use up all your ammo or dodge incoming fire if you want to stay in the game for the win.
    • Points are scored by shooting your opponent in the head, torso, legs, or arms with your gel blaster, and you can come up with whatever rules you want to play within each game for scoring purposes.
    • Each player has four lives they start out with at the beginning of the time limit. You lose one life if you get shot in any body part. Once you lose all four lives, you’re out of the game and must wait until the next round begins to play again.
    • The team with the most points at the end of the 30-minute time limit wins!

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    If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush then longboarding is perfect for you. It’s a form of skating that covers distances at high speeds. This is because instead of being stood up on the board, your feet are in a push-like position with one in front of the other. Thus, making it easier to balance. You can even go off-ramps and run into other skaters if you feel like bringing out your inner stunt man. It’s great for self-expression.


    Everyone loves a good hike and there’s plenty of them to embark upon if you’re ever feeling bored.  If you don’t want to go it alone, then why not try an organised mountain tour with others? There are normally options for day tours and multi-day hiking trips available depending on how to fit you think you are. You don’t have to be an extreme hiker, just someone who likes to get outside and appreciate the fresh air.


    It’s a sport that requires patience but there are many species of fish that you can catch in different parts of the world. It can take many hours or even days for you to catch a fish, but the feeling of satisfaction that comes with it is well worth the wait. There are plenty of places that you can go fishing such as Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir.

    River Rafting

    If you don’t mind getting wet then river rafting is the perfect activity for you. You’ll get to experience an adrenaline rush like no other while battling your way through rapids, waterfalls, and more on a raft with up to seven others. There are many rivers around the world that require different levels of expertise so make sure you do some research before choosing one.


    Snorkelling is a fun activity that can be done by anybody. It’s a great way to see parts of the ocean you would never see otherwise and to come within arms reach of amazing aquatic life. However, it can be dangerous, so here are safety tips:

    • Always swim with a buddy and tell someone on land where you will be so they know when to start worrying about looking for your body!
    • When snorkelling, it’s important to always remember that there is a point when you can’t go back and that limits how far you can swim. That is the time to turn around and head back in the opposite direction.
    • When you’re snorkelling by yourself, stay within eye-shot of the shore at all times.
    • If you get tired, there’s no shame in grabbing onto a buoy or piece of driftwood while you catch your breath and let the waves carry you back to shore.
    • Always make sure your mask is screwed on tightly before going underwater and check that it doesn’t have any cracks or holes.
    • Try not to touch the coral with your hands because it could contain living creatures that sting or cut you.
    • Do not take anything from the ocean while snorkelling! If you see something that you absolutely must have, ask the nearest diver to bring it back for you.
    • Do not feed any of the aquatic life, including fish!

    Deciding on what to do on vacation can be difficult. You want to do something that you’ll enjoy but not spend all of your money on. These 6 activities are perfect for getting the most out of your vacation while leaving enough money for some souvenirs at the end.

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