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    Wild Terrains Launches New Women-Only Trips to Mexico City

    Wild Terrains Launches New Women-Only Trips to Mexico City

    It’s no surprise that women-only travel is the fastest growing segment in the travel industry today.

    Nearly two-thirds of travelers today are women and according to the Travel Industry Association of America, 20 to 70-year-old women make up three-quarters of those embarking on nature, adventure and cultural journeys.

    With this steady rise in female travelers, there’s an influx of new travel companies around the globe offering unique experiences catering to women-only travelers.

    Wild Terrains is a new boutique travel company specializing in small group trips for women to vibrant and culturally-rich destinations. Launched in June of 2018, Washington, DC-based Wild Terrains is the brainchild of Lauren Bates, former Chief Marketing Officer at UrbanStems. While planning a last-minute vacation, Bates researched women’s group travel only to find activity-specific trips focusing on yoga, trekking, surfing and other adventure pursuits.

    Desiring a deeper, culturally immersive trip highlighting the destination’s local arts and crafts, design, culinary landscape and more, Bates was also seeking to travel with like-minded, creative women who share a curiosity to meet, support and learn about the local female-owned businesses within a destination.

    Combining a strong passion for travel and entrepreneurial drive, Bates launched Wild Terrains to offer a creative space to connect women from around the world in culturally-rich destinations, while supporting the local female entrepreneurs and female-owned and operated businesses.

    As the only travel company leading women-only group trips to Mexico City, Wild Terrains fully supports local, female-owned businesses. The trip itineraries include staying in female-owned hotels, dining at restaurants with female chefs and mixologists, curating experiences that connect local women with Wild Terrains’ travelers and more. In addition, Wild Terrains donates a portion of profits from each trip to a local organization supporting creative and entrepreneurial women.

    After many trips to Mexico City, Bates began cultivating and fostering relationships with local businesses and women and decided that Mexico City was the perfect first destination for Wild Terrains. Consistently ranked among the top, global places to visit, Mexico City is a world capital welcoming more than 12.5 million visitors each year, visitors searching for renowned cuisine, vibrant culture, rich history, and unique travel experiences. Wild Terrains plans to announce additional destinations in the future.

    Wild Terrains recently launched three new group trips to Mexico City in 2019: New Year, New You Trip (January 23rd – 27th, 2019); International Women’s Day Trip (March 6th – 10th, 2019); Mother/Daughter Mother’s Day Trip (May 10th – 14th, 2019). All of the trips are packed with creative activities that support local, female-run businesses, including:

    • Staying at gorgeous, female-owned hotels such as the beautiful, design-forward Ignacia Guest House in the heart of the bustling Colonia Roma neighborhood
    • Indulging in a private pop-up dinner curated by Chef Norma Listman of Masala y Maiz where she shares her experience as a female business owner in Mexico
    • Enjoying a private, textile-shopping experience led by the women behind textile company Colorindio inside the former home of famous architect Juan O’Gorman
    • Eating your way through the street food scene on a customized food crawl with Rocio of Eat Like A Local Mexico City, visiting all her favorite female-run food stalls and restaurants
    • Exploring Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul on a private tour led by a female art historian

    Wild Terrains thoughtfully curates every itinerary to make each trip unique. Some special details about the 2019 experiences include:

    New Year, New You Trip (January 2019)

    • A new year yoga and intention setting workshop
    • A dinner party and conversation with Nativa Cocina owner Karen Drijanski

    International Women’s Day Trip (March 2019)

    • A speaker’s panel and cocktail party in celebration of International Women’s Day

    Mother/Daughter Mother Day’s Trip (May 2019)

    • In celebration of Mother’s Day, Wild Terrains has organized a very special experience with Masala y Maiz chef Norma Listman. The group will travel outside the city to Norma’s family’s estate where she’ll be preparing an all-day, outdoor picnic for the group – traditional barbacoa style. The group will spend the day hiking around the estate, lounging around drinking wine, and feasting on Norma’s fabulous cooking.

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