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    2022’s Best States To Visit This Fall

    2022’s Best States To Visit This Fall

    Cooler weather, changing leaves, and pumpkin-flavored treats — fall has arrived.

    If you’re planning an autumn getaway, you won’t want to miss 2022’s Best States to Visit This Fall. To help you find the perfect destination, LawnStarter compared the 50 states based on 20 key indicators of a breathtaking and fun fall trip. We looked at outdoor access, such as the number of state parks and hiking trails, as well as fall-themed amusements like pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and hayrides. Of course, we also considered how long fall foliage will stick around for those Insta-worthy snaps.

    Check out the top five fall destinations (and the ones to skip this year) below, followed by some highlights and lowlights from our report. (See where your state ranks.)

    Best States To Visit This Fall

    1. California
    2. Washington
    3. Vermont
    4. Michigan
    5. Colorado

    Worst States To Visit This Fall

    1. Hawaii
    2. Louisiana
    3. Mississippi
    4. Florida
    5. South Carolina

    Highlights and Lowlights:

    Golden Fall Hues in the Golden State: California turned over a new leaf this year, dethroning Vermont as our Autumn Capital.

    It’s hard to beat the outdoor enthusiast’s paradise if you want to feast your eyes on nature. Camp your way through the hundreds of scenic byways and state parks, as well as thousands — yes, thousands — of forest and hiking trails meandering throughout the state. California placed first in every single one of these ranking factors.

    Yippee Yankeeland: New England is synonymous with the fall season. Every year, tourists from around the world visit this region for its richly vibrant colors, on display as early as mid- to late September.

    Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine earned their spots in our top 10 if for no other reason than promising the maximum 12 weeks of leaf-peeping pleasure. Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island also rustled their way to the upper half of our list. New England especially dominates the Entertainment category.

    Stay in the North, Avoid the South: We read the tree leaves — you will fall in love with the North this season, while the South might fall away from your bucket list.

    As expected, Northern states dominate the top of our ranking — from Washington (No. 2), across Michigan (No. 4), all the way to New York (No. 6). If you get cold easily and detest pumpkin (it’s an acquired taste for many people), then it’s an ideal time to visit South and Southwestern states like Nevada (No. 44), Florida (No. 47), and Louisiana (No. 49)

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