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    5 Lucky Charms That Materialize Happiness

    5 Lucky Charms That Materialize Happiness

    We’ve all had a bad day. Bad days are horrible because they are unpredictable.

    They can happen when you least expect it. Unfortunately, bad days have a tendency to be contagious.

    A bad day never comes alone; that’s why we talk about a run of bad luck. However, bad luck isn’t the only thing that’s contagious. So is good luck. So it makes sense to surround yourself with positivity charms that can help you manifest happiness by staying focused, strong, and positive.

    #1. Eat your luck

    You are what you eat. This will never be as true as when it comes to your perception of luck. Indeed, your diet affects not only your physical health but also your mind and mood. Therefore, establishing the rules of an energizing diet can help you make success achievable. Drinking plenty of water can help to keep your mind sharp and your body hydrated. Spices are full of goodness; they bring flavors without harmful calories or additives. Additionally, spices can support your immune system too and even help against depression. Finally, giving your body the nutrients it needs supports a positive mindset, as it encourages good mental health.

    #2. Embrace your beliefs in a magical charm

    Are you superstitious? Superstition may not be a factual truth, but it provides reassurance and emotional stability. Therefore, embracing your beliefs can help you stay positive. If you already rely on crystal for health, you can also add a white turquoise stone to your collection, as Reiki masters recognize its unique good luck properties.

    If you are someone who consciously avoids black cats, for instance, why not keep a good luck rabbit’s foot or ladybug amulet on you?

    #3. Hit the treadmill

    Physical activity enhances your mood and significantly reduces the risk of depression. What does exercise have to do with good luck? It’s simple. Luck is relative. An unexpected opportunity could arise from what appears to be an unfortunate event. Yet, you need to be able to recognize the opportunity. Maintaining regular physical activities ensures you are mentally equipped to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, depression can turn any event into bad luck.

    #4. Say YES to something new

    Getting out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable, as expected, but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. On the contrary, when your luck is running low, it could be a sign that your routine doesn’t encourage new opportunities. Therefore, it can be a beneficial experience to accept new challenges and meet new people. Is it going to be easy? Perhaps not. But it can bring a new path of positivity.

    #5. Smile more often

    The act of smiling naturally boosts your mood. Smiling makes you happy, which means that you’ve already got the remedy when you’re having a bad day. But smiling also spreads to your surroundings. When you smile, people feel more relaxed in your presence. They are also more likely to reciprocate the smile. When you smile, you create a positivity-charged space where good things can happen. Smiling can cross communication barriers between genders, ages, races, and languages. Smiling instantly brings people together, creating a feel-good typhoon of goodness.

    Is there a magical formula that can erase bad luck days? No, but you can do a few things to overcome bad days and create a positive experience.

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    5 Lucky Charms That …

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