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    5 Tips To Cozy Up Your Home

    5 Tips To Cozy Up Your Home

    With the fall and winter months quickly approaching, home interiors experts at SINGULART have shared five tips to add the needed touch of comfort to your home.

    From piling pillows and blankets to create soft spaces, to setting the mood with artwork, these tips will help you to create the coziest of spaces.

    Searches for “how to make my home more cozy” have seen a 100% increase in the last 12 months, suggesting that American’s are looking to get their homes feeling cozy ahead of the autumn and winter months.

    With fall approaching home interiors experts at SINGULART have shared five tips to add the needed touch of comfort to your home.

    1. Add Plenty of Textures

    There are so many ways to add textures into your home, that can instantly make any room feel cozier. Think soft furnishings such as rugs, blankets, and pillows, and then different materials such as wooden tables, wicker baskets, and stone vases. You can even look to bring the outside in with some greenery and plants.

    2. Warmer Tones

    Adding warmer color palettes to the room is a sure way to instantly make the room feel soft and cozy. You can do this by simply swapping your cushion covers for deeper colors, or even giving your walls a fresh lick of paint.

    3. Add Pillows and Blankets

    Pillows and blankets can instantly make the room look cozy and dreamy, creating a space that is perfect for snuggling into on a quiet fall evening. Try draping blankets over chairs, filling a basket with blankets, and pilling a mixture of cushions high on your sofa.

    4. Consider Adding More Soft Lighting

    With the evenings getting darker much earlier, having soft lighting around the house with warm toned lights creates a cozy glow around your home that isn’t too harsh.

    5. Set the Mood Around Your Home

    Another great way to create a cozy environment is by simply setting the moody, yet warming feel of fall around your home. You can do this in a manor of ways, from adding warmer colored art works throughout the house to using autumnal scents, to set that soft and cozy feeling for the fall.

    Home interiors expert from SINGULART comments, “With Fall approaching and the summer months behind us, many of us crave the need to create a cozy space at home with the changing seasons. The fall season itself exudes warmth and comfort, so there’s no wonder we want to recreate the feeling in our homes. From piling blankets to snuggle under on an evening, or even simply changing pillow case covers to bring warmer tones into the color palette of your interior, there are plenty of ways to really emphasis the comforting feeling of fall in your home.”

    Further tips on warming up your space can be found HERE.

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