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    Understanding Wood Hardness Rankings, Wood Wax, Sealants and More

    Understanding Wood Hardness Rankings, Wood Wax, Sealants and More

    The range of wood variations is broad hence making the identification process quite tedious.

    If you want to use this product for any possible reason like making furniture, floors, or maybe decorations, it is essential to know to select it properly. 

    All have varying rates of hardness. Although all the types fall into two categories, other kinds of hardwoods are much softer than the types falling under softwood. Therefore, for you to establish how hard a piece of wood, you have to use the Janka Scale.

    The system has widely gained recognition in the lumber industry, and now it is the standard way of measurement. Its primary focus is to know the amount of force required to drive a steel bar of 0.444 inches into a depth similar to half of woods diameter. The wood with the highest rating tops the list. Janka hardwood flooring test has to get done on both sides and at the end of wood for better results.

    The ratings for some common types of wood include Red Oak 1920, White Oak 1360, Hickory 1820, and Hard Maple 1450. However, Patagonian Rosewood tops the list with a rating of 3840, while the least is Douglas fir at 660.

    Nevertheless, there are far many more factors that can expose wood to damages like wear and tear, scratching; hence you should not rely entirely on the Janka scale. The test only focuses on impact and nothing more. Even if you use the hardest type of wood for flooring, it can suffer these risks from furniture or any other bulky item that can fall on it.

    Fortunately, with the help of products like varnish, sealants, and best wood wax, you can be able to restore its original look. The trees that produce wood take different times to grow subject to unique environments. The patterns determine the kind of end product you can get. Therefore, there are more aspects to look at when checking on their quality other than the rating from Janka. 

    The type with the highest rating doesn’t guarantee it is the best on the list. You have to make further evaluations and check for aspects like color, grain, and also texture. The aesthetics should be able to suit your expectations. Such biological distinctions play a vital role in the overall judgment hence should not be overlooked.

    When choosing wood for flooring, you must take into consideration all the factors mentioned above. Technology has paved the way for the manufacturing of veneer, which is equally durable and serves the same purpose. In other instances, it is even better than different types of actual wood. However, solid hardwood will always last longer than these products. Opt for exotic types of wood instead of the domesticated kinds. Such models come from Indonesia or South America. The price could be higher, but you have an assurance of durability. For a wide selection of exotic hardwoods, including those from Indonesia or South America, view more on Amazon Hardwoods.

    Despite the kind of rating any piece of wood gets from the Janka test, it will always be prone to dents due to regular use. Take time and run an in-depth evaluation for you to get the best results.

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