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    6 Cleaning Tips For The Entire Home

    6 Cleaning Tips For The Entire Home

    Everyone has enormously hectic lives these days.

    You may be busy at work or have a ton of different parenting or social responsibilities to take care of, and so finding the time to clean your home can often be very difficult. Many of us find ourselves having to use up all of our free time in the evenings or on the weekends just to keep the house clean.

    This is a time during which you should be relaxing or spending time with loved ones, and so any way to make cleaning easier is always welcome. Luckily, with a little planning and the right products, cleaning your house can be a breeze.

    To help you get all your housework more quickly and to a better standard, here are six cleaning tips for the entire home.

    1. Start with a tidy home

    Before you even pick up a feather duster or fill your mop bucket, the first thing you need to do is tidy the whole house. You don’t want to be doing this as you go along because this is going to add more time to the job. Trying to keep your home tidy at all times means that you won’t need to do a big tidy-up every time it comes to cleaning. It is far easier to just tidy things away when you are finished with them than letting everything get out of hand for a week and having to organize it all at once when you come to your weekly clean.

    2. Do the dirtiest jobs first

    Nobody enjoys cleaning their house. Even with the best hacks, it is boring and time-consuming and we would all rather be doing something else. There are certain jobs, however, which are particularly hated, and it is always better to get these out of the way first so they are not on your mind the whole time you are cleaning.

    One of the least enjoyable cleaning jobs is, of course, cleaning the toilets, so put this at the top of your list. The thought of having to clean the toilet is often worse than the actual job itself, and once it is out of the way, everything else you need to clean will seem super easy.

    3. Invest in the right equipment

    Using the right cleaning products and equipment will reduce the amount of time it takes to finish your home and will also give you much better results. You need to source the best brushes and clothes, and also the best bleaches and other cleaning products. A good vacuum cleaner is essential for keeping your floors clean, but there is an even better choice these days. To clean your floors, you can buy robot vacuum online.

    There are various models of robot cleaners available. You can check Automated Outlet’s research on to learn about some of the features. The great thing about robot vacuum cleaners is they can vacuum your home continuously so you don’t need to do it at the end of the week. Many models are voice-activated so you can easily switch them on or off.

    4. Don’t clean rooms individually

    Cleaning each room individually before moving onto the next one will waste a lot of time as you are constantly switching between tasks and equipment. The best thing to do is clean your house as one space. Start in one room and make your way through every other room doing the same task until all the rooms are done. Then, move on to the next cleaning task.

    For example, you can start in your front entranceway polishing all the windows. Then polish all the windows in your living room, kitchen and other downstairs rooms, before moving onto the windows upstairs. Once all the windows are finished, you can then dust every room, and so on and so forth until all the tasks have been completed throughout the house.

    5. Make cleaning a team effort

    If you live with your family or with housemates, you can significantly reduce the time and effort which cleaning your house requires if everyone pitches in. There are various ways to organize your cleaning schedule so that everyone does their part. You can take it in turns to clean the whole house so that you only have to do it once a month or every few weeks.

    This is good because you can psych yourself up for that one time and it won’t feel like you are constantly having to clean. Alternatively, you can split up the various cleaning jobs which need doing so that everyone has their fair share. If you have children, the least you should expect them to do is keep their own bedrooms clean and to clear up after themselves elsewhere in your house.

    6. Make sure your floors are always clean

    Keeping your floors clean is very important because otherwise, they can be a habitat for germs and bacteria. As well as using a robot vacuum cleaner to take care of dust and other debris, you will need to mop your hard floors and clean your carpets regularly. One way to cheat and reduce how often you need to clean your floors is to just ban people from wearing shoes inside your home. This stops anything nasty from being tread into your carpets from outside. In many countries in the world, it is actually very impolite to wear shoes inside. You will find that once guests have seen how clean your home is, they all start implementing the rule in their homes too.

    These six simple cleaning tips can really transform your weekly housework. The most important thing is to be logical in the way you approach your cleaning as this will enable you to be more efficient. Make sure you are using the right equipment and products as they will make your job an awful lot easier. Remember that nobody should take on all of the cleaning responsibilities on their own. Make it a group activity and you can seriously cut the amount of time needed.


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    • Ada
      July 31, 2022

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