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    Dry Herb Vaporizers: Medical Facts You Probably Don’t Know About… Yet

    Dry Herb Vaporizers: Medical Facts You Probably Don’t Know About… Yet

    To dry herb vaporizer or not to dry herb vaporizer. That is the question.

    After all, the medical world has been seeing pivotal observations about why vaping is actually healthier than smoking, particularly speaking of the benefits of medical cannabis.

    What about vaping? Why all the hubbub about switching to this form of hemp-inhaling rather than the O.G. of them all – smoking? Get vaporizer package deals here, and let’s take a closer look at the scientific facts regarding dry herbs, concentrates, and vaporizers.

    Smoking In The 1940s

    Did you know that medical practitioners were all for smoking medical marijuana during the 1940s and a little over that period? Studies of the health benefits of cannabis go back to 2700 B.C. But it was only really accepted as a form of alternative medicine during the 1900s.

    Be that as it may, the link between “smoking” and how it is hazardous even when the process is observed for medical marijuana is finally gaining substantial attention by experts. Only in the last few decades has further research been conducted regarding burning cannabis and how its smoke is close to, or just as detrimental as, the effects of smoking tobacco.

    Vapour Is NOT Smoke

    The misconception that novices in cannabis usage frequently have is interchanging vapor for smoke, and vice versa. The facts tell us that this far from true, as vapor is NOT smoke. The aroma and/or essences you vape from dry herbs are not “smoke”.

    Vapor, in the context of dry herb vaping, is a result of the extraction of vapor from the said dry herb int. The process of vaporization allows the solid substance to have a product that is in its gaseous phase. Enter, vapor-formation.

    No Chemical Changes

    Vaporization is a physical process. “Physical”, in terms of differentiating physical substances to their chemical alternative. Whatever dry herb and or concentrate you pour into the heating chamber of the vaporizer, its vape outcome will have the same components as its herb or concentrate source. No added toxins, no amalgamations with any other compound. It’s as it originally was, only, in vapor form.

    You can count this as another advantage to vaping. Since there are no chemical changes involved, you can be assured of a safe draft each time, granted that you set the temperature and/or vaporizer intensity at par with what is deemed healthy for consumption.


    Your vaporizer can be customized according to your vaping preference. Unlike smoking through a bong or a rolled-up sheet, dry herb and/or concentrate vaporizers are equipped with temperature adjustment functions. This way, you can lower or raise its temperature according to the intensity that’s most comfortable to you, whenever you vape.

    If you’re unsure about the temperature setting that suits you the most, keep it at the lowest setting, to start (also, read our other posts about the ideal temperature levels for varying draft-intensities). Afterwards, gradually increase it, preferably a level higher for every session and not within each session. Then again, this will solely be based on how your body will react to the temperature increase of the vaporizer.

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    Dry Herb Vaporizers:…

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