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    Leaders of Impact Honors Great Mentors And Leaders

    Leaders of Impact Honors Great Mentors And Leaders

    Entrepreneurs of Success sought nominations for great mentors for special recognition.

    According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, mentors help small businesses to improve their chances of success and longevity.

    They report that 70% of small businesses that received mentoring were still open five years later, which is a typical benchmark. Additionally, they report that in the same survey, 88% of business owners say that having a mentor was invaluable. Those who have excellent mentors can now nominate them to be recognized for their great leadership in Entrepreneurs of Success program, Leaders of Impact.

    “There are so many excellent mentors out there who help lead entrepreneurs toward success,” explains Sara Khoudary, founder of Entrepreneurs of Success and the Mentor Momentum Community. “It’s time that they get the recognition they deserve, and we are going to help them do just that. We look forward to the nominations, selecting the winners, and sharing their words of advice with the world.”

    A mentor is someone who guides you, helps you move past challenges, and provides you with the listening and feedback that is so often needed in the entrepreneurial field. Mentorship is often considered to be the missing link that businesses need. Those who have had a great mentor can nominate them for the “Leaders of Impact” recognition program, sharing how they have helped make an impact and leave a legacy.

    Entrepreneurs who have had a great mentor can share how the person encouraged them, helped their business, and what that type of support has done for overall impact. Winners will be recognized in a virtual event in June 2021, they will be featured in their Mentor Momentum Community, and they will get to participate in a live event, have the option to become an honorary contributor to the community, be added to the website as a “Leader of Impact,” and become eligible to be nominated for the annual “Marion Award.”

    “Think about who it was that helped you, guided you, and supported you along the way,” added Khoudary. “Now is the time to give back to them with this nomination so they are recognized for their selfless contributions. It’s an honor to be nominated for such an award, and an even bigger honor to be selected as a winner.”

    Entrepreneurs of Success offers memberships to entrepreneurs, providing them with tools that will help them be more successful.

    In addition to joining a networking group like this, here are some additional ways that entrepreneurs can increase their chances of being successful with their business ventures:

    Get a mentor

    A great mentor can make a world of difference. They will help provide guidance, challenge you, and give you the insider tips that you need along the way.

    Hire right

    Who you hire can literally make or break your business. Hiring the right people for each position will ensure that your goals are being met, your business reputation will be protected, and you will have a team of people helping you succeed.

    Keep learning

    Nobody knows everything. Always stay humble and be open to learning new things. When you are willing to continue learning you will grow both mentally and professionally.

    Check the attitude

    Our attitude goes a long way toward helping us to be more successful. Focus on trying to become a more positive person who looks for the good and has gratitude.

    Always set goals

    Don’t leave things up in the air. Instead, have goals that you will use as milestones along the way. Even if they are small, you will know that you are meeting the achievements that you want.

    Inspire others

    When you inspire others you will end up bringing out the best in your team, create loyal customers, and you may end up being a mentor yourself.

    This nomination opportunity will put a spotlight on great mentors who have a desire to leave an impact and legacy for their contributions. They are people who want to see others succeed and are happy to share what they know with those who need guidance.

    Nominations for the “Leaders of Impact” award program are now closed.

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